Napoleon had said-“you give me good mothers and I will give you a good nation.” A woman can be said as the God’s complete creation.

She is the mother of the race. She is the future of all generations. She is the one looking for when in trouble. She is the one on whose shoulders rest a billion lives. She is the pivot around which the family moves. She is the symbol of independence, caring, gentleness and intensity- both in love and in hate. Yes, she is a woman.

Imagine a woman without being empowered means having no say, no might, and no right! What kind of generations will she bless a nation with? What kind of a place it would be to live in where economies would collapse, communities would fail and families would fall apart?

The mere thought of imagining such a world leads to a storm of negative thoughts whirling around us, but still we fail to realize the precariousness of the situation.

At the root of all problems is how boys and girls are looked at differently even within a family. As the great Shirley Chisholm once said-“ the emotional, sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says- it’s a girl. We live in a world where one out of every three women worldwide have experienced physical violence. It’s a shame for us, the males to make this planet a place to be dreaded off for women when 2 out of every 5 girls are raped. It’s an alarm ringing wild when 2 out of every three women in the world are victims of human trafficking telling us, that yes, women need to be empowered. Millions of innocent lives that are killed before their birth are urging us that women need to be empowered. Seeing their brothers go to school, those small girls are pleading us in the name of equality that women need to be empowered.

Empowerment never means a gun-toting woman or a karate champion. It simply means that she is empowered to treat right as right and wrong as wrong. That she is equally empowered; that she is not treated as the weaker sex; that she is not a target of eve teasers and she is not subjected merely to the household chores. Women should be free to choose, whether it is about their career, education, marriage or having a family. We need to change the outlook in the society.


We need to build a future where all of us here at home and around the world are free to live out our dreams. Where our aspirations aren’t segregated into blue and pink. Where women and girls, no matter where they live, are free from violence, are free from exploitation, are free from discrimination.

The eyes have seen and the ears have heard how the iron lady Margaret Thatcher ruled over the UK; how Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Golda Maire and Benazir Bhutto have fired the shots. For the development of the economy, society and service sector woman has to be given a solid platform. Male chauvinism must see its end now. Women must be accorded a better status for prosperity and progress of the entire human race.