“CAUTION : ‘IT’S INDIA! we teach you that DON’T GET RAPED! Instead of DON’T RAPE!”

India – a land of diverse religion, language, customs and traditions and mostly importantly an acreage of diverse ‘crimes’. Indian culture is the collective bunch of unique culture and religions and it won’t be adjudged as incorrect if I say that soon Rape Culture will totally be followed in the country.

“India is my country, all indians are my brothers and sisters except 6-7 of them, where among 6 girls, one is my so called legal wife, one is my mother and rest of the 4 are the one whom I can eve tease, molest or proudly rape, because it’s India!”

Yeah! The amended preamble of India by the men of India.

What is Rape Culture?

Rape Culture is the psychological presumption of a person or the society that the victim of any assault is meant to be treated with shame and as look upon him or her as inferior. In India, according to NCRB reports, over 25000 rape cases were reported which is a rough number of ‘reported’ cases,and many of the victims remain silent. And not surprisingly, 98% rape cases portrays that the culprit is a known person or a relative.Behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, slut-shaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by some forms of sexual violence, or some combination of these. Rape culture includes jokes, TV, music, advertising, legal jargon, laws, words and imagery, that make violence against women and sexual coercion seem so normal that people believe that rape is inevitable. In our society, teasing a girl or a women by her physical appearance is completely correct! Whistling, passing on comments, etc etc is completely fine in Indian society. If I ask a person in India that do you know what’s Marital rape? They will be totally blank! Well! ‘Pati toh parmeshwar hota hai, biwi ka kaam hai pati ko khush rakhna’ irrespective of the fact that how her husband treats her. Domestic violence, dowry and marital rape is perfectly valid. The crime of Marital Rape happens with every third women in India,but people often don’t speak out these facts out. Rather than suffering each and every night, women should know wipe out their howls and tears and start fighting for their own rights. But thw question is ‘Will this Marital rape ever stop but before this will women realise that they are suffering from such a misconduct?


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Do only men rape a women or girl? No, no I am not taking about lesbians! A man rapes a lady by hurting her physically but she is mentally harassed by our society each and every milli-second. The women in the society keep on commenting, exasperating and killing mentally the victim by their twaddle talks! If I talk about Indian Cinemas, actresses are portrayed as ‘patakha’, ‘maal’ and what not! Have u ever watched R…. Rajkumar? Aren’t you wondering why Am I asking this? Well! The movie is filled with scatological acts, where a goon falls in so called love with a girl and stalked her until she says Yes to her. Wow! The reel life looks so wonderful but when the same happens with someone in the real life the condition becomes miserable. There’s a wide difference between the ‘Reel’ and ‘Real’ life. The main problem with the Indian society is that they try to relate each and everything of Reel life with real life. So don’t you feel that in some or the other way the media becomes an actual source of forecasting such things. But! But! It would be completely incorrect that I don’t mention about the positive role played by the media.


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Yes! Positive role by media! Media plays an important role after Nirbhaya, Asifa or Lakshmi becomes India’s daughter after they suffer from a crime. Why do we rise only after such crime happens? Why do we stand for a Candle march only after such caitiff blunder happens? The stellar line on every news channel after the ‘Nirbhaya or Asifa Case’ was “Teach your girls Self defence”! Means we are always ready to have a temporary solution for everything but we have to never go for any permanent one. In every case, girls have to be self – protective and men will always be in attacking mode! Wow! Slow claps for Indian society and Two minutes silence for them!
Well! The Rape Culture will stop when the people of our own society will change their mindset. When the people of our society will start empowering womens not only with education but also by respecting them. Stop judging girls by their length of clothes and start judging boys by their depth of junky ideologies. Stop talking about the miserable condition of the society and start making the society a better place. Just making the law and including it in a piece of paper is not the solution, there should be proper implementation of the same. Let’s take a resolution today that rather than throwing certain shibboleth on evanesce of rape culture, let’s teach our sons, husbands, fathers and brothers to respect each and every women. Lastly I would conclude that “Teach your boys Self control rather than self defence to your girls!”

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