K-POP or Korean POP music has a long history. It is way back in 1885 when Henry Appenzeller started teaching American and British folk songs at a school. Over the time K-POP became popular in Korea and young boys and girls started to dream of becoming idols. At present, K-POP famous worldwide, because of its music, dance, and uniqueness.
Now, why should you listen to K-POP?
Because it’s different. It has a lot of styles and you can find your own taste. And being in any K-POP fandom would bring such fun in your life, that you haven’t imagined yet. In K-POP, we all belong to a fandom, there are people who are multi-fandom too, as it is extremely difficult to follow a single band or idol. While being in the fandom, you meet people across the country and world and it helps you to broaden your horizon. A various contest, meetups and fan projects are held all through the year, to keep us entertained and also it reduces our stress a lot. We call ourselves as K-POP Family, we support each other, even take part in meaningless fan wars and also cheer sitting in front of our laptops, watching our idols perform.
Here are the reasons, which made me hooked to K-POP :

Idols, Bands & Music

The world of K-POP and fans remains around these three things. We are super protective for our idols and we support them, we love the various K-POP bands that exist and whenever they make a comeback, we unite as a family and show our love and support, by voting for them, streaming their videos, making fan arts, or even writing a fan fiction. And the reason behind all these is that we love what they do, and that makes good music.
Music is one thing, which is personal. You cannot force your preference on someone and make them like something, and that is why K-POP is unique. It fits into everyone’s choice, as there are a lot to choose from.

Contests and Making Friends

Every year a K-POP contest is being held in India, where there are three rounds. The first round is an online competition, where participants from various regions, upload a video of them, either singing, dancing or both, in group or solo. The selected participants then take part in the second round.
In the second round, selected participants from each region perform in front of the judges and audience and the winner from each region in two categories, singing and dancing, goes to the third round and perform in front of a Korean artist and the winners get free tickets to South Korea. Cash prizes are also won in both regional and final rounds by the top 3.
This is a fun event for the participants, volunteers and the audience, who get to catch a glimpse of South Korea. Volunteering is also fun, as volunteers come from South Korea as well. We get to meet people from different states and almost every year we make some amazing new friends. It is one of those events that K-POP fans wait for every year.


This may seem unrealistic, but K-POP actually motivates one to work hard and never give up. Many songs in K-POP means to not give up and keep on trying hard. Also. many artists themselves spoke along with variety shows, secret cameras, etc, how they kept on working hard and achieved whatever they have now. A few examples would be:-
  • Super Junior:- Formed as a group, to promote only for a year, but now they completed 13 years in the industry, and it was possible because they never stopped working hard.  The group’s leader, Leeteuk, is considered one of the best leaders in K-POP world and his life too isn’t a bed of roses.
  • Big Bang:- Labelled as an ugly group, they are also known as the ‘kings’ of the Korean Entertainment Industry.
  • PSY:- He did not have the ideal looks for an idol and was asked to go under the knife, but talent bows to none and his ‘ Gangnam Style’ became worldwide famous, making him the first K-POP idol to have the highest number of YouTube views.
Well, these are only a few examples and many idols went through extreme hardships to reach where they are. Many fans like me get motivated, watching our idols work hard to get what they want, and that is a good feeling.

Accepting differences

Being in the K-POP fandom, one thing which I learnt is to accept difference. The fact that we are different and we have to respect each other, the way they are. K-POP played a huge role in that. The one thing that I learnt was that it’s completely okay for men to do makeup. In the Korean entertainment industry in general, men put on makeup. It not only did widen my horizon or opened my mine, but it also made me more accepting and less intolerant. And that gave me a more positive look towards life.
So, you can also give a try to K-POP. And if you don’t like it even later, that’s completely okay too. Here is an intro link of K-POP songs, it contains all my favourite songs and thanks to the YouTuber who created it. Go and check them out and thank me later.
Warning:- If you are doubting about listening to a foreign language, do not skip it. Give it a try. It’s fun to listen to a completely foreign language plus you learn a new language as well.
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