A great saying by the most successful entrepreneur of our era. There are 19,000 startups in India and yet only 2-3 will be successful but for rest of them it is the ‘perfect storm’. After the ‘perfect storm’ most of them return to their previous jobs and give up on their dreams. But the main question we face here is why? Many people having a good business mindset and knowledge, having good financial background should be able to succeed shouldn’t they, well not necessarily, because every successful entrepreneur has one extra thing in common, they refuse to give up.

Steve Jobs never invented an iPhone in the first attempt, Abraham Lincoln lost election 8 times before becoming 16th President of United States of America and there are many other examples, open biography of any famous personality, it is filled with phrases like exploring the uncharted territory, no pain no gain, shot in the dark etc. The competition is ruthless especially in India, in such tough competition it is hard to make your business model successful, it seems like it is dead in the water but we should always remember “today is hard tomorrow will be worse but day after will be sunshine”:- Jack Ma. In such tough competition failure is inevitable but if we give up in one or two attempts we may as well be losing the opportunity to succeed. The key to success is confidence, having confidence in yourself is the first step towards success, but there is not everything bad about such completion. In fact I feel such a competition is blessing because it forces us to do our best to reach the full potential, we create small boundaries over certain period of lives but such competitions forces us to break these boundaries because the world beyond these boundaries has infinite opportunities for everyone, we just need to grab one and hold onto it until we are successful. That is why I say “Infinite is not defined according to mathematicians but yet it is defined by entrepreneurs.”