Sometimes some things around us change which feel good and make you believe that yes, one day the world will be a better place to live. Change is important, no doubt on that. But of course, it will never come overnight. We just need to fight for it continues to establish the change. Again this is proved by Ireland.

The face drawn on George Barnard Shaw pub in Portobello, Dublin seems to say a lot of things, it says the spleenful story which took place 6 years ago. 31-year-old Indian dentist, Sabita Halappanavar died in Ireland due to the complications of a septic miscarriage. When the miscarriage was inevitable, Halappanvar requested on abortion but due to Catholic laws she did not get the permission and died of cardiac arrest caused by septic. Her death gave away controversy leading to protest and marches.
That wall with her face has “yes” written pieces of papers beside her face. “Yes”, Ireland voted against highly restrictive abortion laws. 66 percent people are against it. No social issues have divided Ireland’s 4.8 million people as sharply as abortion. Campaigners left flowers and candles at the large mural of her, after the vote to repeal abortion ban.
Ireland did take many groundbreaking steps before. They elected the first openly gay Prime Minister, they voted for rights of same-sex marriage but this decision was really more important among all. Ireland’s first openly gay Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said: “why we see is the culmination of a quiet revolution that has been taking place in Ireland over the last couple of decades,”. We should never forget how important it is to stand against the wrong and initiate a change.
Ireland’s Republican Laws are lashed with Catholic scriptures. It was not easy, to break the chains, the first attack against to this Catholic laws came in 1992 when a 14 years old girl was raped and as a result became pregnant. The Court did not give her the permission for an abortion, so she wanted to commit suicide and then the Supreme Court gave her the permission to get out of Ireland to abort the child, even this created a lot of controversies and debates. The Catholic believes that the embryo has the right to live, and it should not be killed as it’s a sin. But maybe they missed the fact that the mother also has the right to live, and that embryo cannot live if the mother is dead. 1992 to 2012, it took 20 years for another attack towards Catholic beliefs. In 2012 Sabita’s incident helped to take the necessary steps to change for better.
This incident again proved that it’s possible to change the world to a better place if we can change our minds and beliefs for better and stick to them. The people of Ireland proved the power of “yes”. To change our mind and surrounding we need to fight constantly. The change will definitely take place.

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