It’s very natural a country like India has its difference in choosing their favourite sports. Though the different culture exists in different parts of the country we all have a common interest towards sports. Probably that causes some of greatest player of different sports field came out of India. But nowadays only motivation & interest is not enough to develop in a sports field. You need proper coaching, backing & most of all right advertisement for yourself. When these factors count it’s unfortunate that many sports couldn’t compete with the so-called famous business class sports like cricket and sometimes football. Now we all love cricket because it’s popularity, it’s entertainment & obviously India’s strong position in it. But is it fully true? Let’s have a look-

1) Football is recognized as one of the oldest sports of India starting from the beginning of British Raaj. India has produced some fine footballer through decades like Sailen Manna, P.K Banerjee, Ashim Biswas, Chuni Goswami, Subrata Pal, Sunil Chhetri etc. But still we failed to make it to the world cup but other Asian countries regularly play world football. The prime cause is obviously lack of sponsors & our interest in football.

2) Hockey-the national game of ours is also suffering from the same problem. Though now Indian government took some steps to back up the elite sport. We have a record of winning 7 Olympic gold during the era of Dhyan-Chand.

3)Kabaddi-It is also a very popular game & India’s performance is fabulous in this sports. India remain champion every time in the world kabaddi both male & female team.

4) Shooting-the only field where we have first personal Olympic gold is not so much interesting among youngsters.

5)Archery-this is also a world-famous event, but we have very few expert players in this particular field.

There are many sports to mention where new talent shows up every day but due to proper nourishment & training, they become lost. I do not blame cricket to catch all the limelight but we have to appreciate every sportsperson who go there representing our country at national or international level. When India achieves something we turn that in celebration, but when our athletes win medals in the commonwealth or Asian games why we remain silent? Isn’t it a demotivation for upcoming youths who might have to potential but do not want to follow his passion seeing the present condition!! Why there should be a huge cheque for an achievement in cricket & a medal in the same level of achievement in track & field? Aren’t Bikash Kumar, Jeetu Rai, Henna Sidhu, Sushil Kumar should get same appreciation & support as Kohli, Dhoni, Sachin?? There are many personal achievements but people keep forgetting these & thus after winning a gold medal an athlete had to run his tea-stall or doing a job for a minimum salary. So my wish is there should be equal respect for all of the athletes & sportsperson & government also took some measures to secure the future of this players to boost the morale of them. India has always been a promising country in every field but a little appreciation from our side. might lead India to become the greatest country.