Securities apart from holding technical definitions in the world of finance, in the literal form has a deep meaning attached to it, Google dictionaries explain it as the state of being free from danger or threat, this makes it much more real and relative to the lives of people, and my life as well.

It appears to rest in our dreams, it forms the base, the reason for our wants, and it becomes our need to assure the security of self and for the loved ones around, it grows with us, we grow with it, we find ways to achieve it, feel sad when lack it, or fail to achieve it. It forms a support to one, and also at times neglects one.

Situations in life aren’t easy without securities. They could take any form, from a daily wage for a labourer to feed his children at night, or for a struggling employee in a corporate finding it difficult to pay heavy private school tuition fees for his children, or for a teenage girl finding it hard to secure her dreams in a still existing patriarchal society in some part of the country, or it may be in regard to a father who gives up all his savings to finance the lives of his children, leaving no money for himself, it could be really hard for one who fights and fails to achieve securities for self or for his loved ones.

We move ahead with this dream to enlarge the lives we live, secure our self and everyone around us whom we love. It becomes important to offer love, human is a social being filled with emotions, everybody has that emotion within, directing it in the right direction is the challenge, good learning, good education, and good thoughts, and good environment are elementary for it.

I believe offering love in one way or the other makes one stronger from within and helps him achieve his dream of security better. It fulfills the empty spaces of life between those continuous struggles. But the point here is that, it is about to offer love, the unconditional love, to anyone or everyone, and could be expressed in any way according to one’s own wish   whether toward a homeless guy by offering him food, or towards a poor kid by sponsoring his education, it should also be towards your parents and your family by gifting them every happiness that you desire, and it should also be towards oneself by facing onto the challenges that life posts on your wall, that is how one needs to offer love to himself and everyone.

Important is that it has to be unconditional always; expectations of returns would degrade the purity and the strengths of the dream of one’s security.

The objective of this article solely was to inhibit in the mind of the readers, to respect, regard and recognize the dreams of securities that rests peacefully in their mind, to give them an urge to move again and they do what is never expected of them, something which wasn’t even thought before by anyone, and that is when this country and the lovely people all over can win again.