NOTE: This is not a typical 8th-grade discursive essay aimed to brainstorm whether social media is a bane or boon.

You have them, I have them and we all have them. In today’s age of social media, it is almost difficult to resist ourselves from voicing them to the world. The internet is flooded with unsolicited advice, misogynistic and racist comments, moral policing and (constructive?) criticism.

The fourth quarter of last year and the past couple of months of this year was indeed a celebrity wedding extravaganza, from the wedding of Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya Akkineni to the Royal wedding of Prince Charles and Meghan Markle.

A wedding is a formal celebration of the union of two hearts and souls. The obvious emotion is happiness, positivity and joy, right? Well, recent outbursts on social media reflect the exact opposite. Do you remember that bride who danced to cheap thrills on her wedding day? She was trolled for ditching the conventional wedding lehnga and choosing to wear shorts instead.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu


One comment questioned whether her mother in law was embarrassed and appalled by her daughter’s unsanskaari behaviour.

This trend of callousness and hate have not spared celebrities like Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja ( oh sorry I meant Sonam Kapoor), Neha Dhupia and Meghan Markle. The unsanskaari bride and all the celebrity brides listed above are happy and confident brides. Apparently, it takes more than happiness and confidence to be the perfect bride.

Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle is the epitome of a confident, beautiful and self-made woman. Why wouldn’t anyone admire her? She is an advocate for Women’s rights and is a talented actress. Below are a couple of responses from the feedback form Meghan has sent to people across the globe:

“Okay who let Meghan Markle walk out like that? Her hair, makeup, and dress – so boring,”
How is it possible that no one is talking about these ill-fitting sleeves????? #RoyalWedding @enews

Meghan Markle Dress

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Meghan chose to adopt the no-makeup look on her big day by embracing her freckles. Her confidence makes her the true princess she is. She had a plethora of detractors on Twitter for the same. Few over-achieving trolls decided to step up their game by comparing Meghan’s wedding look with Kate’s wedding look. The most insensitive and inhumane comments were that drew attention to Meghan’s nationality as an African-American and her previous romantic history of being a 36-year-old divorcee.

The need to compare and pit women against each other is a recurring phenomenon in India as well. I remember seeing a string of posts that did a profound comparative analysis of Samantha’s, Anushka’s, Sonam’s and Neha’s wedding look. The youth of India have solved poverty, child labour, inequality, animal mistreatment and global warming so they have the luxury to write such articles.

Articles titled- will Samantha, Anushka, Sonam and Neha continue acting surfaced the internet post at their respective weddings. Samantha was viciously trolled for kissing her co-actor Ram Charan (who is married as well) in her recent film, Rangastalam. The smell of hypocrisy beats the smell of the delicious wedding sweets, doesn’t it?

Samantha Ramcharan Teja

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Anushka Sharma has already been victim to the patriarchal society and fell prey to the same once again. Anushka Sharma has been bestowed the right to continue acting after her marriage by a daily newspaper. It is titled: No time out for Anushka Sharma.

Anushka Sharma


Neha Dhupia married her ‘best friend’ and had a discrete and intimate wedding. A troll on Instagram left a cold-blooded comment on Neha Dhupia’s Instagram post. He questioned why she married a man younger than her. Perhaps he was probably uninvited or uninformed about the wedding. She gave a well-fitted reply thereby instilling some common sense in him.

Neha Dhupia


Sonam Kapoor

The wedding and sangeet videos from Sonam’s wedding are still viral. An article from Youth Ki Awaaz titled: How #Sonamkishaadi Exposed The Hidden Misogyny And Sexism Of Modern Indian Men addressed how Sonam is apparently a calculated and sly gold digger. Why is difficult to understand that humans from all walks of life can fall in love? Especially when they share common interests such as an inclination towards fashion. We judge people without knowing them with a set of standardised, static and pre-conceived notions. Furthermore, FEMINISM IS ABOUT CHOICE. Period. It was her choice to change her name. Period.

I can conclude three things: We humans are a sucker for weddings, We have a love and hate relationship with celebrities and we fuel on hate. Why can’t we just be human?