Every movie buff today is aware of the recently released poster of the movie Padmavati starring Deepika Padukone, ShahidKapoor, Ranveer Singh and Jim Sarah in the lead.I’m writing this article feeling inspired by the lady, the queen – Rani Padmavati. No. I’m not talking about the queen of Bollywood, Deepika. I’m talking about the queen of Mewar. The original Padmavati.

I’m writing this article feeling inspired by the lady, the queen – Rani Padmavati.I’m talking about the queen of Mewar. The original Padmavati.

People into Hindi literature would have read or at least heard of the poem written by Mohammed Jayasri on Padmavati. It says Padmavati was an exceptionally beautiful princess of the Singhal kingdom. Ratan Sen., the Rajput ruler of Chittor, heard about her beauty from a talking parrot named Hiraman. After an adventurous quest, he married her and brought her to Chittor. Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi also heard about her beauty and attacked Chittor to obtain her.  This way, Deepika’s casting is apt since people are really willing to fight for her. (You know what I mean) but sadly, ratan sen was killed in a battle. Before Alauddin khilji could reach her, rani Padmavati and her companions committed Jauhar, the Hindu custom of mass self-immolation by women in parts of the Indian subcontinent, to avoid capture, enslavement and rape by invaders, when facing certain defeat during a war.  (Oh .my .gosh. that’s so sad.)

Rani Padmavati tells us about beauty, valour, sacrifice, courage and love. The name Padmavati actually means wisdom. It is said that her beauty had no parallels. It was her charm that kings wanted to win her over even through battles. Being completely mesmerized by Hiraman’s account of Padmavati, the king longed to marry the princess and managed to do so after a long series of dramatic battles and adventurous trials. (It has been our dream at least once in life that a prince charming would fight the world and come on a horse for you). Though now I just think that prince charming is too overrated. Every girl’s dream is to just eat how much ever she wants without getting fat. Anyways, coming back to the story, she committed Jauhar with other ladies of the fort. Moreover, it ensured that their men can fight the unequal war with the invading enemy without any fear. She was also a courageous woman who used all her wits and strength to free ratan sen when he was captured by khilji. This is why I think that this queen was one swag and daring lady. I mean, you need guts to do all this single-handedly.


But then, don’t you feel her sacrifice has not got the respect it deserves. She did this to protect her love, her honour, her fellows and her kingdom. She would have hoped to inspire people through her deeds. But what do we women do? We sacrifice. Almost in everything in life. We sacrifice our love for ourselves for this so-called society and its ridiculous rules. So what if she has acne. It’s not like she put them on her face herself. So what if she is fat. It’s her body and not yours. So what if she is not fair-skinned. We all love black clothes though. So what if she wears too revealing or too unfashionable clothes. It does not make her uncultured or an uneducated person either. So what if she chooses to hang out too much or not hang out at all. You cannot force your choice on her. Women, you need to stop caring about others and start fighting for what you feel is right.  Women sacrifice their self-respect for their loved ones. They chose to stay quiet and not even defend themselves for the approval of a bunch of unimportant people. They sacrifice their dreams and career due to pressure, low confidence or due to the demand of the situation. Let’s choose to stay strong even during the crimes done against us like acid attacks, female infanticide, forceful abortion, rape attempts and combat those depressing and suicidal thoughts.

There are a lot of women we can take inspiration from like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Rani Jodha etc. This is one such example.
Let’s take the inspiration and voice out on our opinions.
Let’s be proud to be women who will speak their minds and fight with their soul.