Mumbai the city of dreams. The city of foodies. Where vada pav and bhel puri can beat even Mc Donald’s and dominos. A place that has something to offer to everyone be it tourists or the local residents. The perfect abode to celebrate every festival .the cricket craze or be it any other sport too. The Ambanis. The career opportunities.   A dreamy nightlife and not to forget our most favourite – Bollywood!

I can go on and on about why everyone loves Mumbai (including me), but one word that is dreaded by Mumbaikars (we love to call them that)—rains! Do I need to say more? Well, yes .i need to.

We love getting drenched in the rain and dancing. (Hey. this reminds me of Kareena from jab we met). Chai and pakoda on a rainy day can just uplift you. Clicking pictures of the sky or the area around is loved by all those cell phone photographers and ‘I have a Facebook Photography Page’ folks, to serious professionals. Evening walks are a totally in thing during the monsoon and you can’t resist the urge. Don’t forget to tune into your monsoon playlist while doing all this. Since music is love!  You might ask me, why Mumbaikars dread this beautiful season. Wait for it.


Why is it that one heavy downpour and #mumbairains start trending on Twitter and Facebook. Well. Mumbai rains give you much more than expected.

  • Umbrellas and raincoats are suddenly your travel partners

    Whether you leave home with your wallet or credit card or your phone or not you forget to take your umbrella or wear your raincoat while leaving home. Be it even while going to the market.

    You can imagine what would happen if you forget it one day. You’re stranded and either has to take shelter somewhere till the rain stops or have to risk your health and life and still go on to your destination. And wait. You need to do the extra work of arranging for plastic covers to protect your phone, laptop etc.

  • Chuck fashion and dressing sense. Staying dry is more important

    You literally need to forget your style quotient. You have to put on those sneakers, rain boots or the shoes with rubber soles to stay safe from falling. Goodbye, my heels and leather boots. I love you and will be back after the rains.  Shopping, especially for the rainy season, is tiresome too. Since those special clothes, footwear and home essentials are too important to forget. Another bad news. No makeup.  Put on heavy makeup only if you want it to get ruined and make you look like a clown.  I bet you’re already starting to hate where this is going.

  • Diet control

    Those temptations to eat your favourite street food, vada pav, pav bhaji, Pani Poori (my mouth is already watery), have to be forcefully let go. You have to watch what you eat, where you eat and how much you eat. One wrong move and your health are at stake. You have mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches too to add up to the turmoil.  But your mom is surely very happy to feed you ghar kaa khaana which you had secretly been missing too.

  • Potholes and manholes. The words are enough to scare you

    These are problems every part of India’s faces but it gets worse during the rainy season. You can’t walk freely on the road or even the footpaths (wait, don’t they actually disappear by then?) due to the constant fear of falling into one. Driving safely even to the neighbourhood seems a serious mission.

  • Transport is suddenly hard to access to

    All your plans get spoilt when you can’t find a single auto or taxi. Forget local trains, even you know they are all down after some hours of rain. (Khandala, Lonavala are missed a lot now). You have to stay at your relative or friends house or even at a hotel. And that’s when you realize that your family actually has nice people. “Home sweet home” always though.

  • The blame game starts now

All your irritation and agitation boils up in the end. You have no other go but to blame the whole system. The drainage maintainers and contractors, the railway officials, the weather forecasters, the politicians and the government as a whole. Obviously, this irritation is brought out through tweets, memes (who does not love memes), debates and hate mails. If you dare raise your voice officially, you might end up like RJ Malishka. (For those who still don’t know about the issue, go check the “Sonu song pothole” on Google). Although that swag lady has 6 more such songs ready in line, we surely need guts to do that.

Despite all this, Mumbai surely knows how to live and enjoy life. They do not let this hinder their plans. Be it the horrifying 1993 serial blasts, the 2008 attacks or the 2011 bombings, the terrible 2005 floods or the mafia, Mumbai knows how to stand and emerge as a winner after every battle. The fighting spirit and the confidence the city shows in the face of adversity is something every city could learn from.