• What is Love?

Love, a word that has many forms, a word that unites two souls, a word that propagate life into a living being and a word that takes our inner vision along a beautiful face of a person someone very special to the soul.

  • What does Love makes us?

Love makes us feel jovial from within, makes us happy in our appearance, makes us smarter in our thoughts, makes us polite in our saying, and makes us act like an imprudent in a good way.

  • What makes us fall in Love?

Splendid cuteness of the BELOVED makes us fall in love, distinct sweetness of the voice makes us fall in love, cheerful smile across the face makes us fall in love, blissful nature of the beloved makes us fall in love, peaceful talks with the chum makes us fall in love, sharing of thoughts for no cause makes us fall in love, uttering all talks with the companion makes us fall in love and all the junkets with the love makes us fall in love.

  • What does Love gives us?

Love gives us the feeling of being cared by someone, gives us the rules which are to be broken for others, gives us the boundaries to be crossed, gives us the reason to live, gives us the reason to find happiness, gives us a soul to care, gives a thought to an empty mind, gives time to think, gives a reason to find real being and gives a reason to get hurt for someone.


The four letters, L O V E are the best letters among all the letters when they are used to pronounce the word Love. What if these four letters are shining in favor of odds and never to be imagined, the LOVE is one sided – love? Have you ever given a thought to this? Well, the answer sets in #one sided-love! One sided love is a saga experienced by many of us. It is a never to go experience which most of us fear.

Alright, let us change the mindset towards one sided love, let us bring an optimistic view in #one sided love.

One sided – Love is the most beautiful and wonderful life experience. It is the best feeling one could have in the entire universe. It is the feeling which is entirely controlled by us. Only we have hold and command on this. We are the sole owner of this feeling. It is the feeling of attaching our heart with someone very special in spite of knowing the fact that there is nothing we will gain and there is no chance of that love becoming ours. It makes us deaf but at the same time makes us listen to the feelings of our own. It makes us dumb but at the same time let us speak the words for our love. In one sided love, there is nothing to lose, only a win probability. Unlike the relationships in which two people struggle to make it up-and-coming, in one sided love, no one have to struggle to make it work. It is a one man show and always better than a struggle between two people. The best thing about one sided love is, no demand, no complaints, just love!

One sided-love is the most powerful self-esteemed feeling one could have! It is a feeling in which a person every day loose and everyday wins. When the love makes you smile, we win and when the love part away we lose. The beauty of one sided love cannot be matched. It is like water, clear and crystal. No spots and no harm. The entire theory revolves around us and no one else. We have the remote control in our hands. We can change the base as per our will and wish. We have the authority to miss someone and at the same time love someone immeasurably. Now, that is the beauty of this feeling. The pain in missing someone in one sided love is tremendous, but there is a sense of sweetness in that pain.

So have you thought of giving one sided love a chance? It should be experienced by everyone atleast once in entire life span. It is nothing but an exercise for our heart which makes it strong in battle of life.

If you have experienced this feeling, spread the word #one sided – love and be proud to say it to the world!

Ever thought of giving the entire life for one person? Why not make that person yourself?