Has anyone of you ever dreamt of writing something that gets published? Well, I did. And today my articles are published on this cool website. This is why they say,”Dream big. Dreams do come true”. Dream with your eyes wide open.

But you must be wondering how did it all happen? So here’s my story .my journey from a mere writer to an author.

The start

It all began when my friend suggested me this app called ‘frapp’, that is exclusively for students and offers discounts on the famous brands and internships too. Even though I didn’t want to try to try it out in the start, i did give it a try. After all there’s no harm in trying.

While randomly scrolling through various internships, I came across one for content writing. It was from a start-up called “itsyourspace”. Although I was not confident even about passing the written interview I wanted to test myself. And I got selected!

The next stage was to write an original article on any topic i wanted. I chose a totally different topic: reducing the selfie craze.
Read it here: http://itsyourspace.in/blog/no-selfie-please/

And finally, my journey began.

All I want to tell is don’t give up even before starting. Life is an empty notebook. It’s up to you to fill it with either regrets or new adventures. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Download the frapp app: https://frapp.in/internships-in-india . Also available on the Google play store.

The next step

After getting selected, the biggest challenge is to think of new and different topics. The same old content is boring and unappealing. After all, variety is the spice of life. So I started scrolling through facebook and twitter for what’s trending. And yeah, the newspaper too. The issues and problems were the same everywhere but it is up to you how to look at it and take it.

I wrote my point of view in the articles, which is why they are always uncensored and original.
All I would say is that don’t think about the society or the people. They have their own views which will not necessarily match yours. Be yourself and don’t ever stop expressing yourself freely. And what better way than writing them down.

Challenges are a part of the success package

No task is ever complete without challenges. There is no fun if everything goes on smoothly. But the catch here is to not look at them as challenges but raw opportunities.

You need one strong reason to do what you are doing. Not 100 but just 1 strong reason. And there is no force that can stop you.

I too faced many challenges. I couldn’t at times find time to write. And being a lazy person, I would procrastinate it. Thinking about new topics was a challenge.
After my article was published on various platforms, there was, no, still is, the challenge of getting the crowd. I needed people to read my articles, visit those sites and keep following for more articles. And frankly speaking, it is the most difficult.
To convince someone to do something you want without making them realizing that you are making them do it is just too interesting a challenge.

Oh yeah, another challenge is my family. The typical stereotype that writers are always unemployed, drug addicts and have no future. I still don’t get it. They first ask you to develop some good habits like reading books and writing too. But they are the first ones to stop you when you want to turn that hobby into a career or a deeper passion.

Well, you definitely can’t make everyone happy. You’re not pizza! So make that small category of people happy and you will see your happiness multiplying.
Success is first created in your head and then in reality

Don’t expect to succeed just by having determination. You need smart work too (yeah. Smart work is always better than hard work).

My classmates, friends and relatives came to know about my hidden talent. But I would say that no talent is hidden. It was just never noticed. I received appreciation too. Well, who does not like to be the centre of attention?

I got and still get constant support from my best friends (I know you guys are smiling right now). I know that the people may or may not trust me, but these idiots will always support and encourage me.

And finally, I’m an author now. That day was like being on cloud 900. I couldn’t hold in my excitement. I was telling everyone who cared to listen, that people!! I’m finally something. Finally my writing has become fruitful.

I also got a part time job offer only because of these articles. To you all I want to tell, if I can then you can too.

If you have even a little interest in writing, go for it. You never know what wonders you can do.

Who says love always hurts. Try falling in love with a book!

All this is only because of my love for books. I evolved and learnt a lot from them. They truly proved to be my best companion. My passion for writing too molded me. After all, writing is my cardio.

So always keep a book by your side. They stay with you. No complaints and no demands. Also, keep writing something or the other. Never lose the practice of writing on paper with a pen. That’s my key to writing poems (yup. I write poems on different topics)

I too am a typical writer who dreams of writing scripts for movies ant TV shows, to write a novel and make it a best seller. I’m taking some writing tips. You should too:

Thank you for reading till the end and for all the encouraging comments.