The Korean Dramas started as a niche favourite among Asian dramas fans, and since then have emerged to lead a major wave in international entertainment, offering diverse and captivating dramas within its genre. Many viewers often start with one particular drama, either by accident or by word of mouth, and become enamoured with the compelling stories, fascinating stars, and high-quality productions. If you are new to K-dramas, or if you’ve been wondering about which one to start with, here is a list

Winter Sonata

This drama is the reason why K-Drama is famous internationally. It started the Drama Wave in countries outside South Korea. It started in 2002, but it gives you chills, even now when you watch it. Prepare yourself with a box of tissues and get ready to binge watch, as it is practically impossible to stop watching this drama, once you started.

Boys Over Flowers

Now, this drama is one of the most successful dramas which got the interest of International fans like anything. It is a rom-com where the bad boy falls for the good girl. The story overall has lots of ‘aww’ moments. I personally didn’t like the drama much. But you should watch it as it has some amazing soundtracks plus it is one of the most hyped about dramas.

Secret Garden

One of my most favourite drama, this has it all. Fantasy, love, great acting, songs, you name it and the drama has it. This drama has lots of romantic scenes, which will make your heart flutter. The story is about a rich arrogant man falling for a strong stuntwoman. I can bet you will enjoy this drama very very much. Plus the sit-up scene will get you straight to the gym only if you have your HyunBin.

Descendants of the Sun

Another amazing and hyped about drama is DOTS. You are bound to fall for Big Boss in this drama, so keep your heart ready to break because he is already married and taken 😭😭😭😭

Goblin / The first shop of Coffee Prince

Now, guys, this two drama are pole apart. But they have one common factor the lead actor. I won’t be telling you anything about these two dramas, cause I don’t want to be a spoiler as I love these two dramas so much, I know once I start writing, it won’t stop. According to me, Goblin is a must watch. Trust me.

5Full House

The last drama on the list. I personally didn’t like the drama much, I don’t know why, but it is one of the most loved drama in Korean dramas, so I thought some of you might love the drama. Also, it has Rain and Song Hye Kyo so even if you don’t like the story, the visuals are enough to keep you going.