In this modern era of health consciousness, every one of us is bothered for physical health. We do exercises, dieting, gymmimg and much more things to stay fit. Not many of us are daunted for the mental health….despite knowing the fact that health comprises of mental as well as physical health. According to AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, fifty percent cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and three-quarters begin by age 24. Isn’t it shocking??….in the age when we strive to be healthy….we don’t even realize our mental trauma.
Some of the major mental illness such as schizophrenia rarely appear or show any symptoms….but the change in the behaviour of the suffering can be observed by the family, friends and other close people..that something is not fine with the person or there is some change in him. learning or knowing some symptoms of mental illness can help you know to take the right action at right time. Detecting the illness on early stage can help to reduce the chance of severeness of illness.
Some signs and symptoms all of us should be aware of :

1. Withdrawal

The person with mental issues starts being alone and withdraw his interest in others. He is least bothered about the problems in others life and he loses interest from social media too and stays into himself only.

2. Problems thinking

One with mental problems faces the problem with concentration, his concentrating power becomes weak. He also faces the problem of memory as he cannot remember things for too long and starts forgetting things.

3. Mood changes

Mood swings i.e. rapid change in the mood of the person is another symptom showing some mental problems. A person is happy at one time and in another moment he is angry, such fast and dramatic changes in mood are often seen in mental illness.

4. Sleep or appetite changes

The dramatic change in appetite or sleep or decline in the personal care also depicts that a person might be mentally unhealthy. A person starts being careless and does not care for his body or happiness and faces lack of sleep or more of sleep, his sleep schedule is never normal.

5. Nervousness

Lack of confidence is another symptom. A person with this symptom has a feeling of fear or suspiciousness of others and he is always nervous.

6. Apathy

Another sign is the loss of initiative or desire to participate in any activity. One who has stress or is mentally ill stops being creative or starting new things. He even doesn’t want to be part of any activity or anything else.

7. Feeling disconnected

A feeling of disconnection from oneself or one’s surroundings is another symptom of mental illness.A person doesn’t share his personal state with anyone and doesn’t want to talk to anyone regarding his life and mental state.
So above are the signs and symptoms that you or your loved ones are not healthy mentally and need to take some measures for it.
Only one or two of the above symptoms can’t say that you’re mentally unwell….but if you’re suffering several at a time and you’ve lost focus on your studies/work, you must go and see a mental health specialist and the ones who have suicidal thoughts on regular basis should take an action as soon as possible.
Take mental health seriously and be completely healthy and happy….!!!!!!