We all are individual beings, we all have dreams, interests & passion about something. But do we really follow them? Or just be with the flow and took the instant opportunity & become an ordinary molecule of the society. Now many would there are family pressure, fear of failure, having experience of failure, expectations & responsibility towards others and many more. But are they really true? Isn’t this true to get something you have to risk something bigger, most of the times your lovable things. The problem people can’t come out of their comfort zone and challenge the situation. That’s the difference between a successful person and an ordinary person. Now often heard this that the people who got successful got a big break at a time and from there they build up to them. People often complain about this break they never get. Is it true? Isn’t that we are not so attentive to find that break. I mean you can’t say that today is not an opportunity. It is. But to grab this opportunity you have to do justice to yourself and present yourself as your true being. Don’t be judgemental, don’t be biased and don’t get attached to something so long. Now let’s think this way you’re standing one side of a river. The river is flowing very fast. On the opposite side of the river, you see a person look like same as you. Now you have to reach that person. How can you do so? You don’t know how to swim. You don’t see a boat or something. So the only way either you have to learn swimming or build a boat for you. Now, this is life. The person on this side of the river is the present you and on the opposite site that person is your ideal you, who you want to become. The river between you two is the time which is flowing continuously. The boat you make is your hard work and to make this you have to culture certain ideas & planning. The water in the river is your memory which consists of thousands of moments. Now if instead of doing our hard work, we get involved or obsessed with our past moments we never become the person we dream. That’s you have to learn. Just focus on yourself & track your progress.
I’ll end this with a quote from Charlie Brown

“Learn from yesterday, live for today look for tomorrow and rest this afternoon.”