Friendship is one of the most beautiful aspects of a person’s life. There is a famous saying which says, “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”. And how very true is that statement?

A friendship is a beautiful bond between two individuals, built on the foundation of trust. When we make someone our friend, we trust them. Such friendships often last long. As we are sure, that our friend would never hurt or betray us. Alas! That is not what always happens. Often we read about incidents in which, the betrayal comes from the closest friend.

Some friendships are broken due to the trust getting broken, while some because of a lack of communication. These hurt the most, as you don’t know what went wrong.

In this society, which is filled with competition, everyone is in their own world. No time to spare a thought for someone else, let alone ask them how they are doing. And due to this complete lack of communication, friendships are lost. After a long time, we find ourselves wondering whether that person is fine or not. But why don’t we ourselves send a text to that person? Enquiring about how their life is going?  Ego.


We live in a society which thrives on the feeling of superiority. “Why should I message first when they can?” this question of why often leads to telling bye. Any relationship cannot survive the lack of communication. The second name of relationship is communication.

It is vital for us to lose this sense of superiority and become humble. It’s impossible to live without the support of your friends. We must value the friendships we have before we forget each other completely.

“Trying to find my place in this world,

I glanced at my friend,

She smiled and took my hand,

I’ll be with you till the very end”.