Japan is a beautiful place, and what is interesting about this place, is that you get to experience unique things, which you never thought of before. From its food to hotels, even stationary, Japan is unique and beautiful. So, if you are planning your next abroad trip, Japan could actually be your choice.

When we plan to travel, the first thing that crosses our mind is EXPENSE. Well, worry not, as in Japan, you can actually get amazing services with much little to spend. So, here is a list of things, you can do in Japan.


Capsule Hotels

Yes, you read that right. Japan offers Capsule Hotels aka Pod Hotels, where you can spend a night, with luxurious benefits like SPA, tablets, etc. The size of the rooms are small, but staying a night there is quite an experience. Also, the decor is very beautiful. I am leaving a link below, and you can watch those capsule rooms, and books rooms for your family too, when you visit. Also, it is a blessing for a single traveller, as you do not need to spend huge bucks on a big room when you can rather enjoy a cosy night in the Pod Hotels.

Same-Sex Sauna

Ever thought of spending a day with your girl gang, and bathing together, or simply enjoying a lazy day in the sauna. In Japan, there are saunas both for men and women, where you can take a bath with your gang, or sit and enjoy a lazy day. Take care of your body, and gossip your heart out. We all know, gossip isn’t just a girl thing, men love to do it more. And to give a view to the amazing dream that you are having, Here is a link.

Tokyo Robot Cabaret Evening Show Ticket

Prepare for an eclectic evening at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo’s Kabukicho red-light district. Each performance is of 1 hour, and you get one free drink of your choice with entry. The evening is filled with girls all glitzy dancing with pandas, robots dancing and a lot of electric music pop.  Arrive a little early and choose your selected drink, and then when it’s the showtime, watch a beautiful performance, something you would rave about eternity. It’s beautiful, it’s all shimmery, and it’s definitely once in a lifetime thing. The link is below to give you a glimpse, how wonderful your evening would be in the Robot Restaurant.

Harajuku & Aoyama

One of the most pleasant places in Tokyo is Harajuku & Aoyama, where you can spend an entire day, shopping, eating delicious street food, street fashion. Here is a link of a site, which tells you all the exciting things you can do in Harajuku & Aoyama, which includes a traditional Japanese Wedding.

Harajuku And Aoyama

Stationary Haul

To all the students, who are visiting Japan this vacation, or after your exams, Japan is a must visit the place to do a stationary haul. Japan has some excellent and innovative student stationary products, which are amazing in looks, works extraordinarily, and would make you automatically want to study after you see such amazing products in your study table. If you visit Japan , do not forget to buy these amazing stationary for yourself, or your friends, cousins, niece, nephews, anyone who goes to school or universities.

Natural Beauty

An article won’t be enough to justify Japan’s natural beauty and shine. From bathing sun to petals showers, Japan has a lot of scenic beauty to offer. A few mentions would be Mt. Fuji, Naoshima, Kii Peninsula, and lots more. In the link provided below, you can take a look, how amazing these places are, and how beautiful your stay can be in Japan.



A top place to visit in Osaka, Dotombori, is highly photogenic and the city’s liveliest nightspot and centre of the Minami (south) part of town. Its name comes from the 400-year-old canal, Dōtombori-gawa, now lined with pedestrian walkways and a riot of illuminated billboards glittering off its waters. If you visit this place, make sure to not miss the famous Glico running man sign. South is a pedestrianised street that has dozens of restaurants where you can visit and satisfy your taste buds. Ebisu-bashi, the bridge at the western end of the strip, gives the best view, make sure to take a lot of ppictures,selfies, when you visit this place.


One of the most unusual traditions or culture of Japan, the Geisha culture. If you read the novel or watched the movie, Memories of a Geisha, it is based on this practice. Gion is a district of Kyoto, and even when you visit this place now, you can watch Geisha ’s, all dressed up.

So, I hope this article helps you to travel to Japan, and enjoy your stay a bit more. Make sure, to buy a travel kit and a book, whenever you travel to a foreign nation. It always helps. Enjoy your vacations, and all the best for your next trip.

Bon Voyage.

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