Stephen King is back with IT.

IT- Movie Review

Whether you read books or you watch movies, there is no doubt that Stephen King is the reigning emperor of fantasy and horror. From disturbing your mind like he did in “Carrie” to goosebumps he gave with “The Shinning”, He has truly mastered The Art of scaring a person and manipulating fears. With over 58 kinds of movies, TV shows, adaptations. 56 novels, 200 short stories and counting, he has one of the biggest fan-bases in the world. Most of his work ends up as cult classics and of course, fans like me swarm to his work every time. It really isn’t a surprise with the quality he presents to his fans.


When I heard a book of Mr King had not only had been made into a movie but had been receiving great reviews, as a true fan I decided to see if it was worth the buzz.

So there I was, in the theatre with a bucket of buttered popcorn and my favourite horror cultists, waiting for the thriller to start, hoping that it would not ruin the book for me, that it could deliver. And IT did. More than that, the movie gave me exactly what I wanted. The Movie is based on the 1986 book Mr King published titled “IT”. Someone decided to split the book into parts, and this is the first instalment.

IT -Horror

The story follows a little boy of barely six years named Georgie who goes missing during a storm. His elder brother, a stammering, nervous middle schooler Billy never gives up on finding him.

Thus Billy and his band of sassy pre-teen misfits explore the mystery of the missing children all over town hoping to find little Georgie. That is when they stumble upon the reason for the disappearances. Pennywise, the Dancing homicidal clown.

The true horror begins now. Pennywise is set on eating the children and this group of strong individual children who are termed losers by a norm of the society have to learn to trust each other and stay together to survive.

I will not reveal the actual details of the plot as that will tarnish the quality of a horror thriller. If you have already read the book, that’s okay as it does not overpower the image of the clown in this movie.

Pennywise is the most creepy, scary, mind-blowingly unsettling clown if there ever was. I do not think I will ever think of clowns the same way. Reading about Pennywise and watching him being portrayed to perfection really were two completely different experiences. Mr King is known to bare the human soul completely and view the stark truth beneath without any sort of flourishes. The only advice I can give you is: Pay close attention while you watch for his metaphorical world holds more secrets than one can unravel all on their own. You will be wiser at the end of this. If in case you do not want to overthink the plot like I normally like to do, no problem. The humour is perfectly balanced. It will change its colour based on who watches it.

It is definitely one of the most disturbing stories and I cannot wait to watch chapter two.


Do I recommend it? 100%. In fact if possible I suggest you watch it now before more spoilers come your way. If you like thrillers, mysteries and horrors: – this is for you. If you like an entertainer, IT will also deliver on that. An overall Stephen King classic

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