They say, money can’t buy happiness, undoubtedly that is true, but we all need it in our everyday lives. Money is not everything but it certainly dominates an important place in our lives. Earning money is a vital thing but save the extra money and invest that money in the right place is more vital so that it can favour us when we need it. Money earns money, and investments are the way to do so.

Many people fear the concept of investment. They don’t know where to invest it and whether it will be beneficial or not. The head of sales and marketing at DSP BlackRock, Aditi Kothari Desai says in an article that the concept of investment is not rocket science, so we should get started to learn and we should begin with self-education through online. We should have the basic concepts of different investments, its risks and returns. She advises not to leave money idle in the bank, inflation will erode it. One should ensure that it’s invested and available when required. In every field, professionals are the ultimate helpers, one should consult a professional financial manager as it is always prudent to get advice from a qualified and trusted person who can help you to achieve your goals and dreams by proper investment.

Some best investment options are –
1) Mutual Funds – One of the best investment options is a mutual fund for a long time by systematic investment plans. Mutual funds will definitely give a much better return compared to any other investment option in the market.
2) Direct Equity or Share purchase – This is another good investment option for long period of time.
3)Post Office Saving Schemes – This is the best among investment options in India. It ensures the highest return and this government saving scheme does not have any risk-related factor but the interest is quite low.
4) Investing in Gold – Gold is one of the oldest and evergreen investment products, as the value of gold increases quickly.

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There should be no gender discrimination when it comes to saving and invest money. But according to Aditi Kothari Desai, only 23% of working women in India claimed that they were the sole decision-maker regarding their own money. Despite the feminist movement and all the progress, a huge part of women are still silent about their own money. When it comes to women they are more conscious about investments. If a woman is home-maker then for her the most convenient saving option is to run a savings account in a bank, in that way she will get a decent interest, she can also invest the money in recurring deposit, here the interest rate is higher. And if the person is ready to take a risk then they can also choose equity fund. If a woman is financially independent then there are many ways to invest her money as she has a regular income. She will get a chance to invest her money in different ways as suggested earlier.

Life insurances and term policies are important too. You never know when you need the money so it is always important to be ready. You have to take necessary steps from the very beginning. One should always remember that the soon a person starts investing and saving, the more money that person will save in life.