Note: This is not a sugar-coated article that tries to sell the idea that marks don’t matter. Marks and grades do matter but they are not the only factors that matter.

The nation has been talking about the CBSE board results over the past couple of days. The results season is a period of stress and anxiety amongst students. Student suicide capital is one of the biggest problems that plagues our country. Students fall prey to an education system that has indoctrinated them to measure their self-worth and future success by their exam results. An education system that taught them to study and not learn.

I came across the following opinion on Scoopwhoop and I strongly subscribe to the same.

Often, marks are not an indication of talent or intelligence, but rather a dedication, sincerity and hard work. 

“How to stay positive after board results” is an attempt to remind all the students to continue hustling and putting theirs in their 100% like they always have. Afterall, someone who hasn’t failed in some tiny battles early on in their life will never know how you win the battle later. In other words, how will you appreciate success if you haven’t experienced failure?

  • Understand what you really want to do with your life: Are you pursuing a science stream because you aspire to have a career in the same? Or because you succumbed to your parents’ pressure? Innate drive, passion and zeal are key for you to perform your best. Perhaps, your poor performance is not an indicator of your lack of talent but a lack of interest.
  • Get some real and practical exposure to your stream/ get an internship: All your learning or rather study years so far have been theoretical. Getting practical exposure to your current stream of study is a reality check to your interest, skill set and personality. It is important to test the waters that you are about to dive into as it examines your ability swim against the harsh current. Take a summer internship at a financial agency if you wish to become an investment banker. Shadow a doctor at work if you wish to be a surgeon. If you are inclined to how the profession actually works… then you need not worry. If you didn’t like it then be grateful that you realised it at an early stage of your life.
  • Reconnect with your old hobbies: Many of us often forgo our hobbies during our high school years as exams take priority. The unpredictability of life makes it so beautiful. What if your hobby of writing or singing becomes your career? Nevertheless, I strongly believe that one’s hobby is his/her form of catharsis. Your hobby destresses you, alleviates your pain and cleanses your soul.
  • Invest in your physical health: Exam season screams red bull, caffeine, cigarettes ( hopefully not), sleepless nights, chocolate and what not! Go hit the gym, do yoga and walk your dog. Good physical health boosts your mental health.
  • Don’t let Sharma Ji ka beta demotivate you: The level of awkward interaction between you and relatives during exam result season beats the wedding season. Tailor the popular Race 3 dialogue to your situation- My result is my result, none of your result  If only people understood that life is a race where the only competition is yourself. Furthermore, Sharma Ji ka beta and every other person out there has different goals and objectives is life. Understand the fact that all us have different meanings of success and thereby have different finish lines. We are not part of the same race. Period.


I really don’t know how to end this. However, I do know for a fact that exam results do not end your life. It might close a couple ( or more ) doors but it is still not the end.