How to relieve stress

Stress is the physical, mental and emotional human response to a particular stimulus, otherwise called as ‘stressor’. It is the adaption/coping response that helps the body to prepare for challenging situations. Stress does not depend on age and can be to anyone regardless of their age. Nowadays, youngsters feel too much stress because of their studies, jobs, and future. This is the main concern and many programs are organized on how to get rid of stress. We cannot judge anyone on the basis of what they feel and what they are stressed for. There are some changes in the body which can be common for everyone going through stress like-

  • Breathing is faster
  • Muscles become tense
  • fatigue
  • Blood pressure rises
  • Pulse rate rises
  • Digestive system slows down
  • Feeling moody or tearful
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Too much sleep or no sleep at all

how to relieve stress

Stress can be of various types. It can be Emotional, Physical, Traumatic, Acute or Chronic.

EMOTIONAL STRESS– This is the most common type of stress. This can occur to anyone like- a child whose parents fight a lot, someone who has lost a loved one, had a fight with anyone. This has same implications as depression. One can experience changes in weight, sleep patterns, feelings of isolation and mood swings. To get rid of emotional stress one can do the following things-

  • The first thing anyone can do is to realize that all pain is temporary and won’t last long and the situation will change.
  • Accept the current situation and stop cursing about it. Know that you are strong enough to go through it.
  • One can involve in fun activities like doing something which pleases him/her.
  • Trying Meditation can be very helpful as it helps one to escape from the stressful situation and just spend with oneself peacefully.
  • One can share his/her feelings with someone so that he/she can pour out all that is inside and feel relaxed.


PHYSICAL STRESS– the stress which refers to actual physical activities and events that wreak havoc on the human body is called physical stress. Activities like traveling can cause this when sleeping becomes difficult due to different time zones and when someone has to walk for hours. Some ways to get rid of physical stress is that-

  • One must take some rest and stop doing the activity causing stress for some time.
  • Relax and take deep breaths, it will make you feel better.
  • If you feel exhausted then you must visit a doctor once and get a health checkup done.
  • Sleep is the ultimate solution to physical stress.
  • Caffeine intake should be reduced or avoided.


TRAUMATIC STRESS– this is a type of stress that occurs because of some type of trauma to the human body and can lead to intense pain, coma or even death in some cases. This mainly occurs due to some physical change like if you have undergone a surgery, you may feel stressed unless you have recovered completely. The following things can be done to get rid of traumatic stress-

  • One must accept what has happened and should have the willpower and zeal to recover.
  • Talk therapies also known as psychotherapy can help.
  • The medications prescribed by the doctor should be taken on time.
  • One should try to connect with others so that they can share their fear and feel relaxed


ACUTE AND CHRONIC STRESS– acute stress is a type of stress that occurs for a short period of time or because of certain changes in the environment. Whereas chronic stress is an extended type of stress that affects people for a long period of time and can even last for decades.

Stress can be of any time and some general steps can be taken to cure all types of stress like-

  1. Spend time with people who care
  2. Meditation
  3. Try to understand and adapt to the situation
  4. Stay positive and have the will to cure
  5. Look after your health
  6. Try to self-talk

If in any case, the person still does not feel good or stress is not cured, then immediate medical attention is needed. A doctor or therapist should be consulted for the same. Medicines and therapies can help a lot. People all over should be aware of stress and try to help and interact with those who are stress patients. Stress awareness programs should be organized to make people aware of the symptoms of stress and on how to handle it. It is a widespread and common problem and on our own, we, as a society can do efforts by talking to people and sharing their problem so that they feel good and relieved. Also, we should always keep this in mind that “if we help others, only then we can expect someone to help us in our times of need!”

Here are a few links to which you may go and view some videos which may help you to relieve stress or manage it.