Are you afraid of failing or do the bad performance in competitive exams? Do you think yourself an average or below average student? Then this article is for you.

1.Importance of Competitive Exams:

First of all, why we give so much importance to these competitive exams? Because they help us to reach us in a prestigious position both in educational & professional level. Right?

Another cause is these exams are some of the top exams of the country. So people crack them are surely have some talent in them. That’s what society needs. So basically these exams are seen as a filter for the best suitable person for a position.

Now most of us have to sit in these exams. We all feel the same pressure of cracking those exams. But many students got so much afraid or frustrated with these exams that were prepared well they couldn’t do well.

2. Starting Strategy:

Now here we are going to discuss to get rid of those problems we, students suffered in these exams. First, we should have a clear thought goal of what we want to do in our life? As Once a famous entrepreneur said that “If you do what you love, you’ll never going to do work for a single day”. So basically what I want to say what we want to achieve, we should have a passion about that. Otherwise, that may lead to lack of motivation during the preparation time.

Now after choosing the goal, we have to search for the appropriate exam that leads us to the right position based on the time & material I have. We should never take foolish risks. The risks always should be calculated. So if we fail to achieve them there will not be so much turbulence in life.

3.Screening Time:

Now go through the syllabus of that exam available on the internet. This is the most important preparation strategy for any exams. If I don’t have clarity about my exam syllabus, I’ll not perform well in that. Now while going through the syllabus just note how many portions do you already read or have some basic knowledge about that topic. So take a notebook, and classified the syllabus as covered, semi-covered & unknown.

Then based on the time you have you have to choose any unknown topic first & cover that totally. Basic strategy should be like that hard or unknown subjects should be completed first. Then at last end of preparation, we could revise the easy subjects. This will help us to complete the whole syllabus.

Now while studying any subject we should make shorthand notes that before exam we just grasp the summary of that topic.

Now it may happen that in long-term preparation we could lose focus & motivation. Then motivational video might help us. But I think that is a temporary solution. To get the real motivation just think that all our hard work helps us to reach this stage, but little more dedication & we will reach our destination.

To get focused in the morning we should prepare a small target that we are going to achieve today no matter what happens. Then after achieving that target, we could reward ourselves. This will help us to enjoy the journey of preparation.

Now when after 6-7 months we completed almost all our syllabus we should start giving the mock test both online & offline creating real exam time situation. At starting we may see that many mistakes keep happening. But don’t be misguided by those mistakes. Those are going to help you to not repeat that one in next time. Now just notice how you gradually do well when you keep writing these mock-tests. At this time when you do any mistake, just write that mistake in your copy & just look once at the correct method of approach.

4. Last Lap:

Now before 1 months of exam stop learning anything new. Just read your hand notes well & keep writing the mock-tests.

Just a week before exam stop writing any more mock test & just focus to remember the important formulas of different topics.

Before the exams don’t read anything, just give yourself a break. Remind one thing

“If you study well, then one day will not matter anymore, and if not study anything, then also one day will matter nothing”.

So stop worrying & keep the important documents ready for your exams.

Now after exams getting over, just come back & don’t over analyze your performance. If you did well, then good. If not then also good, because you learned something from this & opportunities will keep coming. One bad performance cannot be the end of your world.

I just pray to all people that never compare yourself with anyone. Because it’s the worst thing ever. Everybody has some talent & we’ll find something appropriate for us in future.

Now just some quick tips might be handy for you all:

1)Keep having good reading practice. When you read anything to try to relate it to a practical thing. It’ll help you to remind that for a long time.

2)Never read something for the sake of reading, just try to understand the topic & you’ll find it interesting too.

3)Don’t study late at night, instead, try to study early in the morning. Because at morning brain becomes more active than at night, so you’ll learn & remember anything quickly in morning than night.

4)Keep yourself healthy, try to maintain a good food & sleep habit.

5)You can take small study breaks but remember never use electronic gadgets like mobile or laptop in that break.


That’s all guys. Hope it will help you a bit. Congratulate in advance & best of luck.