The career we choose for ourselves sets the course for the rest of our life. It is vital that we choose a field in which we have both: interest as well as aptitude. Students often face the problem of choosing their career as they are unsure of what would be the best.  In the current scenario, there are many options one can choose from. Unfortunately, this results in even more confusion. One can be a teacher, a neuroscientist, a chartered account. One can even go to the moon or one can become a model.

Should I do this or that?

Will this job be good or bad?

This amount of confusion,

Can drive anyone mad!

Currently, there are many new-age careers which people have chosen. Some opt to become a food blogger while someone else may choose to become a YouTuber. With this vast variety of careers to choose from, how should one choose their career?

  1. Discover your True Passion:

    A wise person once said, “ Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. How true! Our passion fuels the work we do. If there isn’t any interest, the result will bear the consequences. Someone who is interested in the arts, cannot succeed to their fullest potential; if they become a chartered accountant.  Some ways in which you can try and discover your true passion :

  • Become one with nature and try to recognize the wishes and desires of your subconscious self.
  • Try doing various activities to understand what you enjoy the most.

Once you know what you are passionate about, research on how you can turn that passion into a career.

  1. Take an Aptitude Test:

    An aptitude test helps in judging your potential.It will tell you what you’re skilled in and what job will be best suited for you. Sometimes you may have an aptitude in something you have absolutely zero interest in. At such times, you are the best judge. If you think there isn’t any point in taking that job, then leave it. You can always work hard and choose what you love instead.

There are many centres in India which conduct aptitude tests. After the tests, these centres also offer a counselling session. In this session, they speak to the student and the parent about the results of the test and offer their advice. Some schools and colleges may also offer it. You can always find out on the internet, about the aptitude centres in your area. Online aptitude tests are also available but one cannot vouch for the reliability and authenticity of these tests.

  1. Speak to your Teachers, Friends and Family Members

    Teachers are the ones who have taught as all that we know. They can judge our ability to perform well in a particular field and not so well in another. They know our potential better than we do.

Our friends have vast amounts of time with us. They know our strengths and weaknesses like the back of their hand. They themselves might be of the same age as us but they can offer some excellent advice.

Our family members have seen us grow from tiny tots to students ready to choose their career. They know some aspects of our personality that we wouldn’t have even thought of.

These people can help us in choosing a career we love and would succeed at.


  1. Research about various careers:

    Having accurate knowledge about careers you have an interest in, would be beneficial. Once you become aware of the pros and cons each career offers, you can start the elimination process. Weigh your choices with caution and rest assured, you will be able to make the right decision. After researching, you can also speak to the professionals from the various fields about what they like/ don’t like about their job. Visiting the workplace would also help.


  1. Imagine:

    Imagine yourself in various careers. Analyze how you would feel doing that particular job. If you’re unable to think of a happy scenario, then the job is may not be for you. A happy scenario is not one which is full of sunshine and rainbows without any hard work, but one in which despite the hard work you are happy. If you can imagine yourself enjoying at working hard for a particular job, chances are that is the job for you. Think of a situation in which you would have to undergo an immense amount of hard work, sleepless nights in a particular career. If the thought of working hard at it, gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy; chances are you’ve found yourself a career.

Making that difficult choice,

Will give you fear,

But make it carefully,

After all it is about your career

But one of the most important things people forget is that it’s okay. It’s okay if you make a wrong decision. It is fine if you change your majors mid-way. People change their careers after they are already well settled into the one they are doing. But they still manage to succeed even more in the latter one? Because life is unpredictable. You never know about the challenges you might face. You may not get a chance to choose a career which you want. At some point, you may have to shift to a totally different career path for whatever reason. You may later get a chance of coming back to your career.

One of the most important things people forget while choosing a career is that you shouldn’t be under any pressure. Think calmly about what you wish to choose as a career. It is okay to make mistakes, you don’t always have to be right in choosing a career.

Making the right decision would benefit a lot but sometimes making a wrong one, can give you the experience of a lifetime. Most importantly, don’t let anyone’s statements influence your better judgment of yourself. At the end of the day, you are the who has to choose the career and do the job.

‘Don’t fear,

All the best for your career’.