Since the time earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago (yeah. that’s quite huge and fascinating), it has never shied away from surprising us. The mystery of how water came on earth (well, since earth was formed as a rock, have you even seem a rock generate or retain water?), how earth’s moon was formed (the chemical composition of both matches so closely it suggests the moon was born from Earth. but who knows?), how was life on earth formed? (Since no direct fossil traces of Earth’s first inhabitants which is rock-chewing bacteria have yet been found. This is for people who question Adam and Eve.) , the forming of tectonic plates (the evidence for early plate tectonics is still missing for geologists). Also, geologists still don’t understand why earthquakes start and stop even though there have been advances in predicting aftershocks and manmade earthquakes.

All these are mysteries still unsolved and we leave them to those who are working hard in decoding them. Life is already a mystery so how do you expect everyone to quickly solve such a big mystery? Just like the earth itself is a big mystery, earth’s few places are also impossible to understand or explain.

Bermuda Triangle

Let’s have a look at some such fascinating spots on our mother earth:

The Bermuda triangle

Also known as the Devil’s triangle, this is my most favorite mystery that fascinates me a lot. How could an ocean that covers about 500,000 square miles of the southeastern tip of Florida can be called a mystery? Although it is just a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where dozens of ships and airplanes have disappeared. Unexplained circumstances surround some of these accidents, including one in which the pilots of a squadron of U.S. Navy bombers became disoriented while flying over the area; the planes were never found. Other boats and planes have seemingly vanished from the area in good weather without even radioing distress messages. See. That’s so cool and creepy.

Now I understand why people call math as Bermuda triangle .once it goes into my brain, it just vanishes! Bermuda triangle is my second favorite triangle after pizza!

Watch a small video on it:

Old Faithful, Yellowstone national park, U.S.A.

Yellowstone National Park has the highest concentration of geysers than any other place on Earth. The one I’m mentioning here is the old faithful, a cone geyser located in the park which was actually the reason why Yellowstone was declared as a national park in the first place.  The reason why this is a mystery is that the geyser erupts hot boiling water every 45 to 125 minutes for a time span of 3 to 10 minutes. (How magical must it look? I can only wonder).

What’s crazy is that millions of people visit the park every year to watch this beautiful sight. That’s not it. In the initial days, it was often used as a laundry! You heard it right. Garments are placed in and are later thoroughly washed when the eruption takes place. That’s so ridiculous

Longyearbyen, Norway

It is the world’s northernmost settlement of any kind with greater than 1,000 permanent residents. This town lies north of Greenland in the Arctic Sea. More than 3,000 polar bears live around Svalbard which is why it is required to carry and know how to use a high-powered rifle anytime you leave the settlement.

The mystery surrounding this beautiful town is that From April 20 to August 23, the sun never sets here. Imagine what impact it would make on the lives of the locals. Suddenly altering their lifestyle according to nature and later reverting back to the old way. How do you even do anything right when you can’t even figure out if its morning, noon or midnight? Wait. There’s more. The sunsets each year for the very last time on October 25th and it will not rise above the horizon again for four months! The sun officially returns to Longyearbyen on March 8th.

Blood Falls, Antarctica

No. don’t get scared by the name. This is a mere blood-red waterfall on the snow-white Taylor Glacier. Glaciologists and microbiologists have sought to determine what causes the mysterious red flow on the coldest and driest place on the planet.  It was believed to happen due to red algae giving the creepy color. But now they’ve concluded that the source is a subterranean lake rich in the iron that gives the water its red color. Recent research has also revealed that some microorganisms live 1,300 feet beneath the ice, sustained by the iron and sulfur in the water.

Inuit village near Lake Anjikuni, Canada

On a full moon winter night in November 1930 a Canadian fur trapper Joe Labelle went to the Anjikuni village at the shore of the Anjikuni Lake. To his horror, he did not see a single person or animal in the village. Labelle had been to the village many times for shelter during his travels. He had seen around 2000 to 2500 people living there. Now he could see no one around. He then checked each and every hut and found food supplies and provisions. He also found the clothes of the villagers in their houses. Even their rifles were stashed along the sides of the door. He even saw pots filled with food hanging on long cold fires. There were no footprints in the snow that would have given a clue to where the Inuit’s had gone.

Shocked, he informed the Canadian Mountain Police. Later what they found was horrifying. Every grave in the village’s burial ground was empty. Slightly far from the village, they found seven sled dogs that had been starved to death and were buried under the snow. Many investigations were done. No one knew or found any trace of the villagers. Some people have speculated there was a massive alien abduction.

Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park, New York

This is another fascinating place at the waterfalls of Shale Creek in the southeast corner of Chestnut Ridge Park.  For years, scientists thought that the eternal flame in New York was kept alight by gas produced by ancient, extremely hot rocks. However, researchers from Indiana University have discovered that the rocks underneath the Chestnut Ridge County Park aren’t hot enough to produce this gas, which means another process is producing the gas that’s keeping the flame burning. And they have not been able to identify exactly what the process is.

Can something really burn under water? You’ll actually smell the golden flame because it’s fired by methane gas escaping through the cracks. The water sometimes extinguishes the flame, but you can easily start it up again with a lighter.

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Do let us know of more mysteries maybe some mysterious incidents or even people.Well, I’ll go crazy even I go on more. Wait, I’m already crazy so that doesn’t matter. I now sign off here and keep following my articles for further crazy write-ups.  And till then what do we do? Keep waiting for these mysteries to be solved!