Health is mostly defined by certain numbers that mainstream science has produced, to measure different elements such as blood pressure, salt, oxygen intake, insulin level, etc. Fitness is defined by the level of agility, mental alertness, explosive power, strength, endurance, etc.

As they say, health is wealth, for this motto to be accomplished individuals need to be a bit conscious nowadays and physical fitness is an important factor to stay healthy. You get healthy by improving your fitness. Health and fitness are totally interdependent on each other. If you’re healthy, you’re fit and vice-versa. Health is something which should be the first priority of the individual as if they will not be healthy they will not be able to do anything.

But, today’s generation is taking a U-turn on the aspect of health and fitness. The problems which occur to the aged people at the age of 60’s are now entering into youth at the age of 20’s. Everybody likes to sit in fancy restaurants and spend their money lavishly eating catchy food. Everyone enjoys car rides even if they have to go to the market from their home which is just a km away! Everybody likes to spend huge money in reputed gyms when the only thing they do there shows it off on social media. What is the point of fitness in all of this?

People need to understand that a healthy life would lead to a better and a long life. The same money if told to spend on healthy food would make the person angry. The fast foods which are available in the market contain so much of spices and less of nutrition. It is not at all healthy for the body which doesn’t workout.

Physical inactivity increases the risk of many major adverse health conditions like:

  1. Death (from any cause)
  2. Coronary heart disease
  3. Type 2 diabetes
  4. Breast and Colon cancer
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Stroke
  7. Metabolic syndrome (including obesity and abnormal blood cholesterol levels)
  8. Depression


The other case is that many people workout but use various techniques to reduce their fat. Many people workout using fat burners so that their fat loss can take place earlier than usual. Many bodybuilders use steroids in order to gain and build muscles. People should not indulge in such things as they have severe side effects which would result in worst conditions. Usage of such things should be prohibited and nothing should be taken unless it has been prescribed by the doctor. These things are temporary and may make you look smart but just for a short period of time!

There is nothing bad in eating junk food but at the same time, something needs to be done so that the toxins are removed from the body. These wastes can create a blunder inside the body which can hamper our happy lives.

A person should have a healthy and a fit body no matter how busy their schedule is. They should give some time to their bodies. Hectic days and sleepless nights are just a part of everyday life, and usually, the one thing missing is an ideal fitness regime.

Few tips to have a healthy and fit body:

  1. Increasing your activity levels and muscle mass can keep your BMR high. And higher a person’s BMR, the more calories an individual burns off without engaging in any physical activity. Think of it as an investment in your future.
  2. Running, walking or cycling.
  3. Boost your stamina
  4. Drink at least 5-6 bottles of water daily.
  5. Playing games and outdoor sports.
  6. Have energy-rich breakfast and more of alkaline food.
  7. Never skip a meal


People need to understand that physical inactivity is as deadly as smoking. We need to exercise to have a fit and a healthy body. Exercising every day is not compulsory but 3 days a week is ideal. People need to understand this issue and start doing something about it as only a person with a healthy and fit body can manage their tasks and works well.