The first impression one has when they hear this term, Graphology is that it might be associated with graphs or analysis of graphical and statistical data, well it does involve analysis like any other graph but here a Graphologist analyses handwriting and signatures of any individual instead of analysis numbers like we do in graphs.

Graphology involves analysis of the physical structures and patterns of a person’s handwriting, which depicts their nature that is how they are a person, their daily routines, their past, present and probable future, their state of mind and many more major and minor things going on with that particular person.

Even though this sounds interesting, graphology as a profession is not well known in today’s date, as many people are unaware of it, many of them don’t believe it to reliable or more precisely true, and one of the main reasons being is running with the world, keeping up the pace and earn money and not learn something which would not be a good career option. Well, they are not completely correct, graphology not only helps in analyzing handwritings of other people but also helps to improve our own lives and change our lives for our betterment, ultimately what does one actually want? Money or a happy stress-free life? I’d choose a stress-free life, as after learning it, you’d actually attract money also, not immediately but definitely provided your heart is pure and have no wrong intentions as this profession is not for money making but for the betterment of your neighbours and friends. And if you believe in karma, you’d get what you give, and graphology is a medium through which you can help people selflessly and you’d definitely get something in return if not something physical like money or gifts but blessings for sure, a good deed never goes unrewarded that’s for sure.

Graphology as a subject has been questioned many times whether how reliable or how true it is and has been often compared to astrology and other related subjects, but graphology is not like the others. In simple words, it is a person writing down about himself where the fingers are only a medium and the real job is done by the brain both conscious and sub-conscious, which explains how it helps to analyze an individual’s past and present. Now your question might be how it tells what our future could probably be, a simple explanation for this is as your present can be analyzed, so your present actions will reflect your future, as Newton said “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”  this was for the law of motion but applies to our life in general also, for instance, if you struggle and work hard now, you’ll have a relaxed and a better future and vice versa. You can call it science, or call it hoax, but I believe in it, and it has helped me in many ways to mold my life the way I want, everyone has a different perception and a different belief, and trust me this is more than just a belief as it has logical reasoning for every aspect and if you still don’t believe you could contact me and give it a chance.