Google Tez: Review

The demonetization process was so sudden that it left almost the entire nation in shock. However, it also paved way for the dawn of the electronic money era in India, beginning with PayTm being the leading e-wallet. Then came RuPay, PhonePe, and others. While most used them only until the crisis period lasted, most Indians – at least my friends – continue using these e-wallets. Why? E-wallets make life a lot simpler by reducing the need to have a cold cash for transactions. The reason the e-wallets were preferred over e-banking was the ease of access and usage. Click a button, your money is in the e-wallet. Click another one; you have paid the vendor. It did not take as long as typing a 12-digit bank account number, using an IFSC code, providing a PIN, then an OTP.

Google Tez


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There has been constant R&D to better e-wallets. The whole game plan changed on 18 September 2017, when Google released its digital payment app: Tez. With over 5 million downloads within the first month and a 4.1 average rating, it has become the most popular e-wallet of all time! Tez offers simple and secure transfers with the Unified Payments Interface from the NCPI (National Payments Corporations of India). The best part? No transaction fee! Within the first 24 hours, Google witnessed over 1.8 crores of gross merchandise volume with over four lakh active users.

I will list in brief, its Top features:

  • Direct Transfers to a bank account. Link your account to Tez over UOI and seamlessly transfer funds across banks
  • Security – When it comes to encryption, Google delivers what it promises. Google’s multi-layer security and Tez Shield keep your money secure, 24×7
  • Cash Mode – a mode in Tez, which allows you to share funds without having to need any form of personal details, unlike other e-wallets in which at least a phone number or scanning is required. The procedure is akin to sharing files on Shareit.
  • Plans – Google is working on an update that will allow paying through credit cards and debit cards, as well as setting reminders to pay your bills; never miss the last date again!

In addition to this, it also has the standard features of the e-wallet category. The user interface is simple to use and compact. No complicated pathways for payment, a soothing colour scheme, which they will, hopefully, extend to accommodate the dark theme.

Google Tez

Tez uses Audio QR (AQR), which allows phones to transfer money by ‘talking’ to each other. Like all other UPI apps, there is the capital cap of 1 Lakh INR, and/or 20 transactions.The linking of bank accounts is through SMS and is seamless. The app also has rewards like monetary cashbacks for referrals. If you own a business and would like to include Tez in your company then click here. While AQR is the prime method, the conventional methods are also available: using the camera to scan a QR code, inputting phone number. The app automatically notifies you about contacts who have registered with Tez, speeding up the process of payment.