This is not just a word but an emotion. Foodie- a person who is crazy about food and obsessed with food.  If just hearing about food or the word food makes your heart flutter, then my friend you’re a foodie. When you are bored and have nothing to do, you always assume that you need food. And obviously, you end up acting hungry and eat a lot. Then. You are a foodie. Well. You cant help it. eating is now your hobby. When you find someone’s phone full of food apps, yes that person is a foodie. No matter how many times you tried, or felt motivated, you couldn’t even complete one day of dieting, you always prefer to exercise or walk or run or whatever, dieting is never an option.

Not just that. You have no self-control when ordering food. Your Instagram is full of food pictures. You hate sharing your food. You finish everything too fast. The best part of any event is the food, of course, you are never able to save money (so the next time your mom asks you, “where did all your pocket money go ?” you know where ) .’im hungry’ is your most favourite and used line . And you love meeting a foodie just like you.

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Welcome to the gang of foodies my friend!

You would find all this normal but people around you will generally take time to accept it. You would have had different experiences of how people have reacted to you. Let’s look into some of them. don’t worry. I’m a biiiigggg foodie too.

  • People keep telling you, “ enough. How much more do you want to eat?”

Your friends are tired of your tantrums to visit food places every second day and fed up of your hundreds of food snaps you share every day on Snapchat. So one or the other keeps on stopping such habits.. they seriously can’t handle it when you eat so much, which may be just 3 plates of biryani till now. don’t do anything. Just ignore. Having food is your birthright so proudly have it.

  • People think twice or even thrice when lending you money

They know how well you spend your money for your survival. You need food for survival. They do not trust you with money since they fear you will use it all for your food cravings. Even though you’re asking money for a genuine reason, their reaction is not much appealing.

  • You are easily labelled manner less

You have no control over yourself when you see food. You don’t care if you have a spoon or not if its too hot or too cold, if you are hungry or not, you cannot wait to start eating. this is just the way you are. but in their view, you are mannerless. But then, who cares ? just lick the chocolate or the food off your fingers and eat that creamy cake with your bare hands bindass.

  • Food is to be blamed for how you are

If you’re too skinny, people would be like,”hey you stick or a skeleton! , does your mom not give you food ? do you want money to buy food? Are you on a diet? Are you sick? Why are you not eating well? “  . even though we know a lot of people who are thin and eat a lot. if you’re too chubby, you are asked to control your food intake, take only specific kinds of food, change your eating habits etc. etc. and this does not stop just here. If you have oily skin or pimples on your face, your poor food is judged again.

I say just one word. chuck . just chuck those comments and eat to your heart’s content. So why not look at some of the most happening places to cure your hunger pangs.

  • Let’s begin with Aamchi Mumbai! Dig into the best Bombil Fry, sandwiches, falooda, Frankie and the yummy Modaks. Who can ignore the bhel puri and sev puri ? Don’t forget the famous khau galis.
  • Be it the sumptuous spread of various kinds of chaat, the ghee-dripping baati or the creamy goodness of the malaiyo, Banaras has something to delight every foodie. Be it Vishwanath Gali or brown bread bakery, there is something for everyone.
  • Be it Nahari or Haleem during Ramadan, be it the rich, succulent kebabs and parathas in Old Delhi, be it the awesome Chole Bhature, or simply the golgappas, Delhi has something for every food lover.
  • Hyderabad cuisine is an amalgamation of Mughlai, Turkish and Arabic cooking styles garnished with touches of Telugu and Marathwada cuisines. So get ready to try the several types of the famous Biryani.
  • The state of colours and the state of food-love is Rajasthan. Bite into the most succulent of dishes like daal-baati choorma, awesome sweet offerings like Balushahi, Ghevar and Gujia. God! I have even more reasons now to love it.
  • If there’s someplace in the country that makes the best vegan food out of things other than our precious green veggies, it is Gujarat. Dhoklas, Khakhras, Khandwa, Theplas and ghughra are what we’re truly thankful for.


For a detailed list of great food to try in each place: TalkingStreet


We understand your love for food. And so do food delivery companies. By the time who read half the article, I’m sure your mouth started watering and stomach craving for food! You must have thought of what to eat and most of you must have already picked up your food to order food. Who wants to dress up, carry cash, travel to the place through traffic and stay waiting in queues when you can get it delivered at your doorstep and enjoy it in your pyjamas watching TV or Netflix sitting cozily .this is also a great thing when you want a break from kitchen, don’t know to cook, want to surprise someone or are just home alone.

Yes, this is the main trend today- food delivery services. This is a major boost for companies who are trying to exploit the growing market for food delivery services in India. This is why Foodpanda, Zomato, Swiggy, Justeat, Faaso’s are our bae! Well, food is just bae!

Anyways. What, where, when, why, how and with whom you eat does not matter unless you eat.

Keep eating, keep living happily and hope you truly celebrate being a foodie!