Have you ever wondered how you would have felt if you were constantly told to “hide” what you are? When you don’t have the opportunity to express yourself, to expose the real you and be proud of who you are.

It feels suffocating, right?

Then what about those millions of people from the LGBTQ community who are forced to stay in the closet, and if they dare to express themselves, the society is ready to howl at them, judge them, and if necessary shut their voices out.

We don’t take a time to realize how much shallow this is, as we are stopping someone from expressing who they are.

We call ourselves as “ developed citizens” yet we are not ready to accept something which is completely natural. A person’s sex, gender identity, sexuality, is something that comes naturally to one.

First of all, there is a need to understand what is the basic difference between Sex and Gender. In one of the TedX videos, the speaker clearly defined it. Sex is the organ we are born with and Gender is the one we identify ourselves with.

One might be born in a female body, but identifies herself as a man. She knows she is a man from inside and vice-versa, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s one’s right to choose what they want to be and it is not harming others anyways. It simply makes them happy and feels independent. The same goes for transgenders, aka ‘ the third gender.

Transgenders are people who have been cornered in our society for a very long time. They are not accessed to something as basic as education or are seen as a curse in our society that is left to rotten. Transgenders could be an amazing scientist, artist, economist, a lawyer who would bring justice, a politician who will bring equality, someone who can make the world a better place to live in, but they are not even given a chance to prove themselves. Their chance to become someone great is snatched from them, the time they are born, and the reason is just that they are or rather simply look different.

Another concern which the society has taken on its head is homosexuality. How is that even a problem in the first place? How does it bother anyone if two person from the same sex is in love? People need to understand that homosexuality is not a crime, neither a “new concept”. It was there even before and it would be there even after. It is a natural process.

If you are curious, or uneducated about it, talk to someone who is gay, and trust me they won’t judge you for your ignorance. Loving someone is not a crime and it would never be. Do not pester your thoughts on someone and force them to shut their identity out.

If there is something which should be actually banned, it should be rape and not consensual sex between two adults. Molesting in public is a shame and not two people in love ( homosexual or heterosexual) who decides to hold hands or hug in public.

It is time and high time that we the youth, start making a change. Let us show our elders that we believe in an equal future and we are ready to take a step for it. An equal, peaceful and happy future.