Most homophobes use invalid and prejudiced arguments to defend their stances, the most common one being that same-sex relations are ‘unnatural’. This can be dispelled using science and evolutionary theories, as brought up by Yuval Noah Harari, author of the bestselling book Sapiens.

Harari says that biology is willing to tolerate a wide spectrum of possibilities. It is the culture that imposes the restrictions. Biologically speaking, if something is possible, it is natural. A truly unnatural behaviour, something that goes against the laws of nature, simply cannot exist. Biology enables women to bear children- culture encourages them to recognise this. Biology also enables men to enjoy sex with one another- but culture forbids them from recognising this. No culture has ever bothered to forbid men from photosynthesising, or women from moving faster than the speed of light.

The idea of what comprises natural and unnatural behaviour arises not from science, but from theology. If one used all the parts of their body for the purpose that God created them, it was natural; otherwise not. But evolution has no purpose, so our body parts have evolved to serve different uses. Mouths were originally created as a means for multicellular organisms to take in nutrition, but now we also use them to talk and kiss. Similarly, it is theorized that wings started out as bumps on the bodies of insects. Since insects with bumps had a larger surface area than those without, they were warmer. Soon, the insects realised they could glide, and what started out as a heating mechanism turned into the aerodynamic prowess that we see today. So next time you see a mosquito buzzing next to your ear, tell her she’s being unnatural and that she should be satisfied with the solar panels that God gave her.

More such arguments need to be dispelled to create the tolerant and egalitarian future that we hope for.

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