Cricket that Multiplies Happiness

  • Capitalism
  • Aggressive product placement.
  • Internet trolls.
  • Objectification of cheerleaders.
  • Match Fixing
  • Misplaced priorities (as illustrated by the ever-cheeky and witty Amul in the picture below).

    The dirty side to IPL is captured by the six points above. We need to get over (pun intended) with these six drawbacks. We need to encourage sports (apart from cricket), promote the participation of women in sports and support athletes who lack attention and resources in order for them to unlock their potential. Nevertheless, I am inherently drawn to this national celebration of so-called cricket called IPL. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am no purist who watches only test cricket and marginalises every other format of cricket.

    However, it would be naïve to say that IPL is not entertaining. I will feel a void between 7-11 pm every day. In my opinion, IPL served as a great conversation starter. “Hey XYZ do you know who are playing today?” was a great icebreaker between two strangers. I loathed combinations and permutations in high school but that failed to thwart my ability to predict the top 4 teams that will in turn battle it out at the playoffs. I will forever cherish the countless arguments, bets and superstitions that my peers and I shared. My girlfriends and I are unapologetic about the plethora of crushes we have developed over the past few years.

    IPL reinvents itself every year, especially on the technological and marketing frontier. Snapchat was flooded with IPL filters that were customized to the 8 teams. Sunrisers Hyderabad capitalised on Dubsmash and recreated popular Telugu dialogues. IPL made cricket more interactive. It also attracted non-cricket lovers to follow the tournament, not out of bandwagon but an opportunity to spot their favourite celebrity in the stadium.

    IPL made us Indians fall in love with international players. Fans of Sunrisers Hyderabad were shattered when they realised David Warner was not going to lead their team for IPL 2018. He wished the team luck and showered his love to the team via his Instagram handle. Other heart-warming moments include players from different countries and teams supporting each other. Team India bonds people from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life. On the other hand, IPL in its small and subtle ways boosts tolerance amongst countries. IPL is hope for every AB de Villiers to catch a glimpse of their hero.

    Strictly from a cricket perspective, I think IPL is a great way to recognise and appreciate young talent. The emerging player of the year is a great initiative to motivate budding cricketers. It is a 20 over format that is unpredictable, nail-biting and entertainment packed. More colloquially put, IPL is paisa vasool. All those sixes during the death overs and power play overs accelerate one’s adrenaline rush. In my opinion, IPL demands a great level of endurance and fitness from fielders. It is a pleasure to watch agile players defy the laws of gravity.



    IPL is deeply ingrained in the millennial pop culture. As stated earlier, IPL has made cricket more interactive and accessible. IPL in conjunction with social media dismantled conventional cricket norms. Cricket is no longer restricted to a three or four-hour game but a perpetual process of engagement with the players and sport. Memes and podcasts allow cricket lovers to stay connected during a non-cricket season.

    Congratulations Chennai Superkings to win the IPL -2018 Championship Trophy.