In this modern world, one doesn’t stand a chance if he doesn’t have the ability to create. Yes, I believe it to be true, and by creating it doesn’t necessarily mean to create something physical like an invention or making some discovery. There are much more things other than materialistic stuff like cars or buildings or even applications in this modern run.

People walking in the dusk considering themselves not capable or inefficient to do something or create something in life, walk out right away, get into the light and give away all the darkness, it’s time for you to create, not cars but a happy moment, a positive vibe, yes, bring in some colour in your tinted life. A positive moment created, will create another and that one into another, and eventually, it will multiply, a ray of light will get yourself the sun. This is very true and you can experience it in your daily routine, for instance lets take a negative example, a bomb is only created either for threat or destruction and obviously defence, suppose it’s created for destruction, a negative energy is also created, which we all know is going to put a negative impact on many lives, devastation all around the bomb will be created, so here a single negative thought multiplied from a single mind to a thousand lives.
So if a negative energy can be multiplied, even positive energy can be and history is evidence, great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teressa, Mahatma Gandhi and many more great minds, all started alone with a positive mindset with a positive energy and a positive intention, and they all fought for different issues but with one thing in common being positivity, and see from one person they multiplied into thousands in fact even more, one positive thought multiplied into a thousand resulting in happiness and relief for millions. The power of creating is within us, the Gods created us, so that we create this piece of land into something more beautiful, a better place to live on.
So, create a happy moment every day and wait for the magic.