Crafts & Hobbies are one of my favourite jobs to do whenever I have spare time and want to do something innovative. This is actually beneficial to spend some time on CREATIVITY. Yes, there is certain importance of following your hobbies like I do by inventing my own crafts. Doing some creativity not only breaks the monotony but also makes a person feel more real. Almost all of us have some different hobbies, passion and talent of creativity. But it is very sad to know that very fewer people are there who actually show their talents. We have the power to express our love and affection towards people by creating handmade cards. We can share our feelings without opening our mouth but by only drawing what we are feeling. ART is all around us and creating art allows us to rejuvenate and also to have fun. There are certain benefits and importance of hobbies and leisure activities:
1. REDUCE STRESS: Most of the people pursue hobbies because they enjoy them and also feel fresh. For example- Cooking, Baking, Book reading, Singing, Gardening etc.
2. IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY: Moving can assist in stretching muscles and in turn improve flexibility. For example- Dancing, Gym, Zumba, Swimming, Yoga.
3. IMPROVE MEMORY: Many hobbies will challenge your mental abilities. For example- Word searches, Puzzles, Crossword etc.
4. BETTER QUALITY SLEEP: Being more active during the day helps create a more restful night’s sleep.
5. ENHANCE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Being active is great for the body in helping to enhance one’s immune system. For example- Exercises, Playing games, Bike riding or Basketball etc. There are different types of crafts and hobbies as mentioned below;-
1. Calligraphy
2. Card making
3. Collage
4. Sketching
5. Scrapbooking
6. Quilling
7. Stamping
8. Papercraft
Let me tell you some various Crafts & Hobbies which an individual can follow:
In earlier days knitting and crocheting are one of the time passes for old ladies. They not only enjoy it but also feel some connectivity and remind some memories. KNITTING uses a pair of long needles to form the loops, moving a set of loops from one needle to another. CROCHET uses a single hook, to hook the loops together directly on the piece. Knitting and Crocheting is a type of Crafts & Hobbies which is very interesting and fun loving. For the modern generation, it is something innovative which they should adopt. As it enhances skills as well as learning from our INDIAN traditional culture. Our ancestors used this Crafts & Hobbies are their business also to have bread and butter.
In earlier days playing chess (“SHATRANJ”) was one of the games played by not only rich persons but also by persons living in the village.
Playing chess is one of my loveable hobbies on number second as I feel that I am not wasting my time but utilising.
Also, there are certain BENEFITS of playing chess like:
  • It improves IQ level.
  • It prevents Alzheimer’s. (as we saw in the BLACK movie)
  • It exercises both sides of the brain.
  • It increases your creativity.
  • It improves your memory.
  • It improves problem-solving skills.
  • It improves concentration.
  • It teaches planning and foresight.
*As I am chess player so I can give you some tips and tricks to win your game*
STEP 1. LEARN how to play. You can’t get better if you don’t know the rules or how to move a piece correctly.
STEP 2. JOIN A LOCAL CHESS CLUB. Be social and free of chess. Don’t make yourself feel good by playing people that clearly are worse than you. If you have to make yourself feel better after a loss, a good way is to start planning how to counter your opponent.
STEP 3. LEARN THE VALUE OF PIECES. A pawn is worth one point. Knights and Bishops are worth three points each. A Rook is worth five points. A Queen is worth nine points.
STEP 4. ALWAYS DEVELOP BISHOPS AND KNIGHTS. Pawns are overused and overextended, and often the developing pieces don’t get developed. Then, your opponent will usually put a bishop through your pawn structure.
STEP 5. FIND YOUR PLAY OF STYLES. There are many different ways people play chess. Some prefer aggressive playstyles and are quick to launch attacks, play gambits, or offer sacrifices. Find and play your own style.
STEP 6. GET A RIVAL. Find someone that is better than you and “competes” against them. Play them.
STEP 7. STUDY YOUR FAVOURITE GM (Grandmaster). Study, play, study, play. Learn how to use their techniques, and how to counter them.
So, they are some of the tips, tricks and pattern to win your game wisely!
Some of the people’s passion is to be a wildlife photographer and this is one of the major crazes among youth. So for those who can’t pursue their passion as a career they can choose their passion as the leisure activity. They can go to the shopping mall and ask for some good DSLR’s for beginners like here I know so I’m mentioning
Nikon D5600.
Nikon D3300.
Canon EOS Rebel SL2.
These DSLR’s are also not very expensive and can be used easily by beginners
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Painting portraits, sketching, drawings are our partners since childhood, RIGHT? and those who are best at these skills often turn to be an ARTIST. This is one of the best activity which an individual can adopt which shows enormous talent.
Tips to make your paintings, a best one-
* Use Neutral Colors to Mark Features.
* Prioritize Values First.
* Judge Each Shape in Relation to Nearby Landmarks of the Face.
Jewellery making at home is very innovative and very lovable job. Especially for girls and women.This type of Crafts & Hobbies is not generally opted by anyone because of the availability of jewellery in the markets.
but there are some tutorials which you can see and add to your leisure activity lists for something really innovative and beyond thinking.
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So by the end of this article, I would like to tell you all my readers that Crafts & Hobbies/leisure activities are important and they play a major role in life. If we do not give “ME TIME” to ourselves then our life will be just a bore without any creativity. So, to break the monotony and to take a break from our daily routines we should opt these useful Crafts & Hobbies.