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One of the oldest game of the history and so-called ‘Gentleman’s game’ has seen a lot of changes over the year. Many great players emerged from this level of the game to become a national hero. Many teams fight for the tournament being hosted in regular intervals to qualify & become champion. Yes, we are talking about cricket. It’s the unofficial national game of India & many other countries. Billions of people are now connected with these sports. Our country hosts a major infrastructure behind it. So, among many surprises cricket emerged, the rise of Afghanistan as a cricket team...

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Cricket that Multiplies Happiness – IPL 2018

Cricket that Multiplies Happiness Capitalism Aggressive product placement. Internet trolls. Objectification of cheerleaders. Match Fixing Misplaced priorities (as illustrated by the ever-cheeky and witty Amul in the picture below). The dirty side to IPL is captured by the six points above. We need to get over (pun intended) with these six drawbacks. We need to encourage sports (apart from cricket), promote the participation of women in sports and support athletes who lack attention and resources in order for them to unlock their potential. Nevertheless, I am inherently drawn to this national celebration of so-called cricket called IPL. Please don’t...

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