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Shaming – Hard Truth of the Society

We see extraordinary advancement in technology and science but when it comes to social issues like equality, woman and child safety and a healthy mentality towards various social issues, India is still heedless. One of the most common and daily problems that women are facing daily is – shaming. All kinds of shaming – slut shaming, body shaming, victim shaming, periods shaming and what not. Every step a woman takes is subjected to put under a magnifying glass. A huge part of our country still doesn’t understand that every person has the freedom of choice. Every woman no matter...

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Veere Di Wedding- feminism, female friendship and fun!

Female friendship is one of the most underrated and glossed over relationships in media and pop culture. There are very few mainstream films and television shows that celebrate female friendship in its truest form. In fact, the word female is redundant as there is no difference between female and male friendship. The graph of every male and female friendship evolves and strengthens over time with a plethora of disagreements, jealousy, greed, selfishness, anger and competitiveness in between. The negative emotions stated above are glorified in the portrayal of female friendship. Films often narrate female friendships by putting them in...

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Debunking Homophobia, One Evolutionary Theory At A Time

Most homophobes use invalid and prejudiced arguments to defend their stances, the most common one being that same-sex relations are ‘unnatural’. This can be dispelled using science and evolutionary theories, as brought up by Yuval Noah Harari, author of the bestselling book Sapiens. Harari says that biology is willing to tolerate a wide spectrum of possibilities. It is the culture that imposes the restrictions. Biologically speaking, if something is possible, it is natural. A truly unnatural behaviour, something that goes against the laws of nature, simply cannot exist. Biology enables women to bear children- culture encourages them to recognise...

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Step towards the change- Ireland Voted for Legalized Abortion

Sometimes some things around us changes which feel good and make you believe that yes, one day the world will be a better place to live. Change is important, no doubt on that. But of course, it will never come overnight. We just need to fight for it continues to establish the change. Again this is proved by Ireland. The face drawn on George Barnard Shaw pub in Portobello, Dublin seems to say a lot of things, it says the spleenful story which took place 6 years ago. 31-year-old Indian dentist, Sabita Halappanavar died in Ireland due to the...

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Egalitarianism :- A Future we believe in

Have you ever wondered how you would have felt if you were constantly told to “hide” what you are? When you don’t have the opportunity to express yourself, to expose the real you and be proud of who you are. It feels suffocating, right? Then what about those millions of people from the LGBTQ community who are forced to stay in the closet, and if they dare to express themselves, the society is ready to howl at them, judge them, and if necessary shut their voices out. We don’t take a time to realize how much shallow this is,...

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