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WARNING! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE A SELFIE LOVER A picture is worth a thousand words. But what if the same picture becomes the cause for you never ever telling a word again. When Robert Cornelius took the first selfie ever in the history of photography in 1839, he would have never expected it to become a craze among not only the youth but also middle-aged and even the old in the near future. I got a new haircut .let me take a selfie. I bought a new dress. Let me take a selfie. My friend is sad....

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Samurai Champloo – Review

As the name suggests, this anime is all about Samurais and sword fights. But don’t mistake it to be just that. Samurai Champloo is a plot that takes place in the Edo period of Japan. But the world it takes place in isn’t the ordinary Edo Japan. You see, the Japan that this story takes place in is an alternative world. With the fusion of Hip-Hop, the story takes an amusing turn as a waitress in a tea shop asks two amazing fighters to help her locate a Himawari Samurai”. Fuu chan is a waitress in a tea shop...

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