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A divine intervention – Poetry

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. Robert Frost   Poetry is the chiselled marble of language; it’s a paint-splattered canvas – but the poet uses words instead of paint, and the canvas is you.  I think this definition beautifully describes the essence of poetry. Poetry is a form of writing in which emotions and ideas are expressed in a rhythmic, metered form with the usage of various figures of speech like simile, metaphor, personification, allegory etc. A list of the figures of speech commonly used in poetry with their usage...

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Atrocities of Love

On this valentines, I decided to reminisce my first love. However, this happy thought was lost in the alley down memory lane, and instead the bad memories after that lost love stood in front of me, like a killer on the prowl, waiting for its next prey. My days after losing him were turned into a tedious fight, that I was battling with someone that was no longer me- getting hit on all my sore spots, again and again, just awaiting my losing self to thud on the ground, lifelessly. The supposed journalling of my thoughts had now turned...

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The Beauty of Poetry

Poetry. When we think of poetry, various adjectives come to our mind. Beautiful, mesmerizing, refreshing, deep, sentimental and so forth. But we fail to recognize the true beauty of poetry. Poetry has many forms and each is a unique combination of thoughts and feelings compiled in a verse. A poem written straight from the heart fails to be ugly. Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. –Robert Frost   Poets reveal their true nature in their poems. What a poet writes is a reflection of who they are. Every line, every...

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BORN IS A SAVIOUR For to us a Child is born, To us, a Son is given… -The Book of Isaiah the Prophet   Part – 1 As the donkey trudged on On whom a woman sat upon; The turbaned figure to and fro went, Seeking for inns till his vigour was spent. A rich carpenter was he, He had lots of money, you see. But no room for him and his bride, Who now felt labour was by her side. They saw a manger near Out of which they could hear, Cooing and mooing and bleating. Was God now them cheating. For, many a month’s awhile, She had received a message with a smile; “Born shall be a Child, Whose doings shall not be mild”. This Baby was singular He would in two millennia be popular, For all He would speak and do And for His holy death too. As the virgin with birth pangs was hit They rushed into the manger to sit. The carpenter readied his hand His forehead sweaty and bland. ‘It’ll be over soon dear’ Voiced the tensed carpenter. He flashed back to the past And got lost at last. Said the angel to him: “Fear not, this is not a dream; It’s a vision on the stead And peace until you’ve heard what I’ve said. “Your wife still does a virgin remain Understand...

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Create Yourself – Make a Difference

In this modern world, one doesn’t stand a chance if he doesn’t have the ability to create. Yes, I believe it to be true, and by creating it doesn’t necessarily mean to create something physical like an invention or making some discovery. There are much more things other than materialistic stuff like cars or buildings or even applications in this modern run. People walking in the dusk considering themselves not capable or inefficient to do something or create something in life, walk out right away, get into the light and give away all the darkness, it’s time for you...

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