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My tryst with magic – by a fellow bookworm

Like most kids, Sponge and I loved stories, we had three generations of loud women in our house, all of whom would turn into great storytellers by night. It was magic, or maybe that was the effect of those stories. I was almost 8 years old when a cousin of mine gave us a carton full of his childhood reading books. The carton was overflowing with books of all kinds – some faded, some never read, some with missing front covers. I remember picking up a Tinkle and feeling an almost instant attraction. The comic was wonderful – funny,...

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Atrocities of Love

On this valentines, I decided to reminisce my first love. However, this happy thought was lost in the alley down memory lane, and instead the bad memories after that lost love stood in front of me, like a killer on the prowl, waiting for its next prey. My days after losing him were turned into a tedious fight, that I was battling with someone that was no longer me- getting hit on all my sore spots, again and again, just awaiting my losing self to thud on the ground, lifelessly. The supposed journalling of my thoughts had now turned...

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How to tutorials- DIY – Do It Yourself?

How to do it yourself?  Tutorials are the best way to transfer knowledge and can be used as a learning process. Tutorials are a great way of building an audience on your blog. Video tutorials are excellent ways of learning because you can follow the process step by step while hearing the tutor explain it. And it’s quite easy to create if you follow some simple rules.It is a more interactive, attractive and specific than reading books/novels or attending lectures… Not offending books but tutorial is good way to pass on knowledge in so many ways such as – 1...

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The “James” behind the “Bond”

Ian Fleming’s masterpiece isn’t just confined to the world of fiction. There seems to have existed a real-life character in whose proximity Fleming drew his inspirations for plots and lifestyle of James Bond.

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The Beauty of Poetry

Poetry. When we think of poetry, various adjectives come to our mind. Beautiful, mesmerizing, refreshing, deep, sentimental and so forth. But we fail to recognize the true beauty of poetry. Poetry has many forms and each is a unique combination of thoughts and feelings compiled in a verse. A poem written straight from the heart fails to be ugly. Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. –Robert Frost   Poets reveal their true nature in their poems. What a poet writes is a reflection of who they are. Every line, every...

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