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“A HEALTHY MIND RESIDES IN A HEALTHY BODY” Health is mostly defined by certain numbers that mainstream science has produced, to measure different elements such as blood pressure, salt, oxygen intake, insulin level, etc. Fitness is defined by the level of agility, mental alertness, explosive power, strength, endurance, etc. As they say, health is wealth, for this motto to be accomplished individuals need to be a bit conscious nowadays and physical fitness is an important factor to stay healthy. You get healthy by improving your fitness. Health and fitness are totally interdependent on each other. If you’re healthy, you’re...

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In this modern era of health consciousness, every one of us is bothered for physical health. We do exercises, dieting, gymmimg and much more things to stay fit. Not many of us are daunted for the mental health….despite knowing the fact that health comprises of mental as well as physical health. According to AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, fifty percent cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and three-quarters begin by age 24. Isn’t it shocking??….in the age when we strive to be healthy….we don’t even realize our mental trauma. Some of the major mental illness such as schizophrenia rarely...

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10 things every college girl needs in her closet

Here are some fashion trends that cannot be missed this year and things that every college going girl needs. 1.Chokers 90’s style is just the same old thing new. What started then has now developed into a wardrobe essential. There’s something about women in a choker, which expresses confidence. She’s attractive and upscale and knows a thing or two about how to assemble an outfit. It can be well said that chokers are back in full swing. 2.Bodysuits However, another design drift has battled its way once more from the 80s/90s. Advancing once more into apparel stores are one-piece...

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