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Why Be K-Popped

K-POP or Korean POP music has a long history. It is way back in 1885 when Henry Appenzeller started teaching American and British folk songs at a school. Over the time K-POP became popular in Korea and young boys and girls started to dream of becoming idols. At present, K-POP famous worldwide, because of its music, dance, and uniqueness. Now, why should you listen to K-POP? Because it’s different. It has a lot of styles and you can find your own taste. And being in any K-POP fandom would bring such fun in your life, that you haven’t imagined yet....

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Depression with a twist!

Before you start reading, I would like to clarify that this is not another article on what is depression or how dangerous it is or what are its symptoms and what to do to get out of it. This article is about how not to fall into the deadly pit of depression in the first place. Since digging a well when there’s a fire won’t help if you hadn’t taken basic precautionary measures beforehand. After all, prevention is better than cure. Depression is no more a luxury that only a few people can afford to get. It’s now become...

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Overthinking and Living

Nothing kills a man faster than his own thoughts. -Anonymous   Observation – something that people do in their free time, or out of habit, or simply because they love to. I feel like I come in the blend of all these categories. I observe a lot, the people around me, their behaviour, the surrounding, the vibes I get from it, etc. I tend to observe the behaviours, body language, etc of people a lot. We generally tend to observe the people we love even more because you only check on the growth of the plants from the seeds that...

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SAD: Social Anxiety Disorder – Real concern of our society

In this digital era, we all have a smartphone now. So, as a result, we become very much concerned about our so-called social life than our real life. You can see in every two or three weeks there is a new trend comes in these social media & we start to follow that blindly. I feel the various medium of social media influences our life greatly. They are so improved that every time you search or post anything they show thousands of result that ends in diverting our mind. Now, what is SAD? Social anxiety disorder (SAD), also known...

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BTS – the new underdogs in the world of music!

And the Billboard music award goes to ……. BTS!!!!! (Applause) This was the scene on the stage when Chrissy Madson and Justin Hartley presented the award for the top social artist to the Bangtan Boys aka BTS. Watch the moment here: The band started small, but they reached great heights. Here is a small article on the journey of how they got there…   Start: The underdogs managed these unprecedented feats in an extremely and relatively short amount of time. Six months prior to their debut, they began to gain attention for their presence on various social media...

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