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History’s Mystery – Top mysteries that is still unsolved

Since the time earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago (yeah. that’s quite huge and fascinating), it has never shied away from surprising us. The mystery of how water came on earth (well, since earth was formed as a rock, have you even seem a rock generate or retain water?), how earth’s moon was formed (the chemical composition of both matches so closely it suggests the moon was born from Earth. but who knows?), how was life on earth formed? (Since no direct fossil traces of Earth’s first inhabitants which is rock-chewing bacteria have yet been found. This is for people who question Adam and Eve.) , the forming of tectonic plates (the evidence for early plate tectonics is still missing for geologists). Also, geologists still don’t understand why earthquakes start and stop even though there have been advances in predicting aftershocks and manmade earthquakes. All these are mysteries still unsolved and we leave them to those who are working hard in decoding them. Life is already a mystery so how do you expect everyone to quickly solve such a big mystery? Just like the earth itself is a big mystery, earth’s few places are also impossible to understand or explain. Let’s have a look at some such fascinating spots on our mother earth: The Bermuda triangle Also known as the Devil’s triangle, this is my most favorite mystery...

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Graphology – Handwriting and Signature Analysis

The first impression one has when they hear this term, Graphology is that it might be associated with graphs or analysis of graphical and statistical data, well it does involve analysis like any other graph but here a Graphologist analyses handwriting and signatures of any individual instead of analysis numbers like we do in graphs. Graphology involves analysis of the physical structures and patterns of a person’s handwriting, which depicts their nature that is how they are a person, their daily routines, their past, present and probable future, their state of mind and many more major and minor things...

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How to know someone’s personality – 5 tricks dicussed

We all have heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” and totally agreed with it. Then we came across a totally opposing saying, “ The first impression is the best impression”. You probably didn’t realize the ironic part in this. How can someone not judge a person’s personality merely by the way he/she looks and at the same time focus mainly on how he/she appears when you first meet them? This is the reality or rather humour of our society. It asks you to be more open-minded but then declares you off-limits or out of limits when you...

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How to Choose a Career – 5 tips you can try

The career we choose for ourselves sets the course for the rest of our life. It is vital that we choose a field in which we have both: interest as well as aptitude. Students often face the problem of choosing their career as they are unsure of what would be the best.  In the current scenario, there are many options one can choose from. Unfortunately, this results in even more confusion. One can be a teacher, a neuroscientist, a chartered account. One can even go to the moon or one can become a model. Should I do this or...

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How to Relieve Stress -5 types of stress to relieve

How to relieve stress Stress is the physical, mental and emotional human response to a particular stimulus, otherwise called as ‘stressor’. It is the adaption/coping response that helps the body to prepare for challenging situations. Stress does not depend on age and can be to anyone regardless of their age. Nowadays, youngsters feel too much stress because of their studies, jobs, and future. This is the main concern and many programs are organized on how to get rid of stress. We cannot judge anyone on the basis of what they feel and what they are stressed for. There are some changes in the body which can be common for everyone going through stress like- Breathing is faster Muscles become tense fatigue Blood pressure rises Pulse rate rises Digestive system slows down Feeling moody or tearful Depression Low self-esteem Too much sleep or no sleep at all Stress can be of various types. It can be Emotional, Physical, Traumatic, Acute or Chronic. EMOTIONAL STRESS– This is the most common type of stress. This can occur to anyone like- a child whose parents fight a lot, someone who has lost a loved one, had a fight with anyone. This has same implications as depression. One can experience changes in weight, sleep patterns, feelings of isolation and mood swings. To get rid of emotional stress one can do the following things- The...

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