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How to Differentiate whether it’s Infatuation or Love

“Something which is more powerful than gravitational force is your love, what’s that which is rapturously towards you attracting my soul!” Love is the purest and awesome feeling in the world but according to me, Love is the driving force which connotes to flirt with your own feelings and try to build your dream Castle of benevolence with the person whom you “love”. When you are in so-called “love” you often think that Mr/Ms. Perfect of your dream is just before you and you are ready for a ride to the journey called LOVE! And if ever before you...

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Rain – Rain Come Again

Our surroundings affect our moods in many ways, the people, the scenario, the sounds; everything has an impact on our mood and mind. Some of them make us feel good and some of them make us want to tear our head apart. In seasons, the monsoon is most effective in our mood. Yes, the wind has changed the pages in your calendar and the monsoon is here again. There are two types of people, who love the rain; and the other set of people believe in “rain – rain goes away”. For some people, rain is romantic-fantasy while others...

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Lets Fight Against Depression Together

She is getting thinner day by day, she seems crankier day by day, she is becoming quieter day by day- these are the things her parents noticed, but they failed to notice her shattered eyes. All she heard is “you are going to be fine”, “Everything is going to be okay”, and “don’t be a spoiled brat” He is losing focus, he is not hanging out with his friends anymore, his thoughts are choking his throat and want to come out of his eyes, but hush! hush! you are a boy and you are not allowed to cry, society...

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Veere Di Wedding- feminism, female friendship and fun!

Female friendship is one of the most underrated and glossed over relationships in media and pop culture. There are very few mainstream films and television shows that celebrate female friendship in its truest form. In fact, the word female is redundant as there is no difference between female and male friendship. The graph of every male and female friendship evolves and strengthens over time with a plethora of disagreements, jealousy, greed, selfishness, anger and competitiveness in between. The negative emotions stated above are glorified in the portrayal of female friendship. Films often narrate female friendships by putting them in...

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Are you afraid of failing or do the bad performance in competitive exams? Do you think yourself an average or below average student? Then this article is for you. 1.Importance of Competitive Exams: First of all, why we give so much importance to these competitive exams? Because they help us to reach us in a prestigious position both in educational & professional level. Right? Another cause is these exams are some of the top exams of the country. So people crack them are surely have some talent in them. That’s what society needs. So basically these exams are seen...

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