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Poetical Perceptions

Some like to brag about them, some like to keep it their secret ritual. Books have touched in and every individual’s sphere of life in many various ways. However, it is my job today to make you, fall in love with the kind of books I love and adore. Today, the task of being a literary cupid is assigned to my humble self which I shall thoroughly try to execute. In this world of cruelty, sadness and pain, God gave us a secret blessing-books. These pieces and papers of art are said to be ‘secret’, for some individuals who like...

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Why Should One Give Up Their 9-5 Job and Become a Pirate

Having a 9-5 job is the picture perfect job one could have in the Indian society as it offers a stable job, the possibility of owning a home in suburbs, (correction: your own home). But sometimes the work gets boring because let’s face it, one cannot shoot their boss dead. Or can only dream about going to that exotic vacation you always wished to, as you half-heartedly type in the correct account numbers, or impatiently wait for the ever slow photocopying machine to print out the graph sheets. This article mainly focuses on the perks of choosing the profession...

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The resolution season – Happy New Year 2018

My New Year resolution this year is to accomplish the resolution I took last year to follow it when I took it the year before. – Me every year You all would have taken a new year resolution every year and like how the tradition goes, would have not even followed it for more than 6 months. Obviously, since it was a season thing. You know the season has arrived when everyone around you is talking about their resolutions, posting updates on their social media and adding to their status from time to time. The season is over when...

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  Gender is between your ears not between your legs. -Chaz Bono   It’s hard to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in India.( LGBT ) Recognizing your sexual orientation and gender identity might be more appreciated today than ever, but it’s certainly not accepted inside the limits of family, school, and friends, acknowledging their sexuality and the opportunity to boldly express their sexual identity still remains a battle for the gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexual people. Individuals all around the globe experience and inequality, brutality and sometimes violence, even execution—in view of who they adore, what they look...

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History’s Mystery – Top mysteries that is still unsolved

Since the time earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago (yeah. that’s quite huge and fascinating), it has never shied away from surprising us. The mystery of how water came on earth (well, since earth was formed as a rock, have you even seem a rock generate or retain water?), how earth’s moon was formed (the chemical composition of both matches so closely it suggests the moon was born from Earth. but who knows?), how was life on earth formed? (Since no direct fossil traces of Earth’s first inhabitants which is rock-chewing bacteria have yet been found. This is for people who question Adam and Eve.) , the forming of tectonic plates (the evidence for early plate tectonics is still missing for geologists). Also, geologists still don’t understand why earthquakes start and stop even though there have been advances in predicting aftershocks and manmade earthquakes. All these are mysteries still unsolved and we leave them to those who are working hard in decoding them. Life is already a mystery so how do you expect everyone to quickly solve such a big mystery? Just like the earth itself is a big mystery, earth’s few places are also impossible to understand or explain. Let’s have a look at some such fascinating spots on our mother earth: The Bermuda triangle Also known as the Devil’s triangle, this is my most favorite mystery...

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