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Will this Rape Culture ever stop?

“CAUTION : ‘IT’S INDIA! we teach you that DON’T GET RAPED! Instead of DON’T RAPE!” India – a land of diverse religion, language, customs and traditions and mostly importantly an acreage of diverse ‘crimes’. Indian culture is the collective bunch of unique culture and religions and it won’t be adjudged as incorrect if I say that soon Rape Culture will totally be followed in the country. “India is my country, all indians are my brothers and sisters except 6-7 of them, where among 6 girls, one is my so called legal wife, one is my mother and rest of...

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Men abuse :Kyunki Mard ko bhi Dard hota hai

Who says that ‘KI MARD KO DARD NAHI HOTA’? We have often read or heard the news of a female got abused by a man. But have you ever rarely heard about Men abuse? Yes! It happens. If I overview the NCRB report every One male among six males have suffered from such misconduct. Misconceptions that the female is being exploited and harassed by the men are still prevailing in the society but there’s even a lot to think about this too. Initially, our mothers taught that Girls have to be safe, they should not fall prey to nay...

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Depression is real? You crazy, mental or mad?

65% of India’s millennials display early indicators of depression such as sleep disorders. No! Millennials are not sleep deprived because they binge-watched Game of Thrones all night or were busy clubbing. There is never one concise reason for one to be depressed. It is an amalgamation of an array of experiences and emotions that have consolidated over a time period. The worst part of millennial depression is the stigma around it. Individuals neither choose to be depressed nor do they wish to remain in mental turmoil to garner attention and pity. “My favourite ice-cream flavour is out of stock....

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“Travelling is like flirting with life, it brings power and loves back to our life. Live with no excuses, travel with no regrets! An adventurous journey throughout the world is everyone’s ‘Flight of fancy’. Once in an endurance, everyone has a dream to travel the world. But the questions which start meandering in one’s mind while thinking for a world tour are: How much it would cost? Whom to consult for a world tour? Which cities of the countries should be included in our planning list? And many more. It’s in almost everyone’s checklist to travel the whole globe...

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Must Watch Korean Dramas

The Korean Dramas started as a niche favourite among Asian dramas fans, and since then have emerged to lead a major wave in international entertainment, offering diverse and captivating dramas within its genre. Many viewers often start with one particular drama, either by accident or by word of mouth, and become enamoured with the compelling stories, fascinating stars, and high-quality productions. If you are new to K-dramas, or if you’ve been wondering about which one to start with, here is a list Winter Sonata This drama is the reason why K-Drama is famous internationally. It started the Drama Wave...

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