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Is sexuality innate or constructed?

Feelings, infatuations and sexual attractions towards other beings are all a part of basic Human Nature and Behavior. And, the compilation of such basic elements of human’s behavioural aspect culminates into what we call as “sexuality” or to be put in simple words, Sexual Orientation. Sexual orientation of a person is defined as his/her sexual preferences while choosing a sexual partner for himself/herself. Sexuality today, is one of the most debated topic among the huge multitude across the globe. Whether sexuality is innate (inbuilt) or it is constructed (by the environment an individual is engulfed with). For the history...

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Alternate Accommodations:Find Out What’s New on the Millennial Backpacker’s Travel Experience

“Millennials are prioritizing social interactions and shared adventures with newfound friends versus the average traveller population.”

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Securities – The True Desires

Securities apart from holding technical definitions in the world of finance, in the literal form has a deep meaning attached to it, Google dictionaries explain it as the state of being free from danger or threat, this makes it much more real and relative to the lives of people, and my life as well. It appears to rest in our dreams, it forms the base, the reason for our wants, and it becomes our need to assure the security of self and for the loved ones around, it grows with us, we grow with it, we find ways to...

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Poetical Perceptions

Some like to brag about them, some like to keep it their secret ritual. Books have touched in and every individual’s sphere of life in many various ways. However, it is my job today to make you, fall in love with the kind of books I love and adore. Today, the task of being a literary cupid is assigned to my humble self which I shall thoroughly try to execute. In this world of cruelty, sadness and pain, God gave us a secret blessing-books. These pieces and papers of art are said to be ‘secret’, for some individuals who like...

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Why Should One Give Up Their 9-5 Job and Become a Pirate

Having a 9-5 job is the picture perfect job one could have in the Indian society as it offers a stable job, the possibility of owning a home in suburbs, (correction: your own home). But sometimes the work gets boring because let’s face it, one cannot shoot their boss dead. Or can only dream about going to that exotic vacation you always wished to, as you half-heartedly type in the correct account numbers, or impatiently wait for the ever slow photocopying machine to print out the graph sheets. This article mainly focuses on the perks of choosing the profession...

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