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Never Give Up

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison. We all know failure is a part of life but how many of us is able to accept this fact? Everyone doesn’t have that courage to accept failure and some of us give up trying, some of us even give up life. We can’t accept failure maybe because of the society, it already has set a so-called “decent” structure of success and life and...

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Is reservation in India really serving its noble cause

Currently, India is suffering from many obstacles that is restraining its growth and development, the reservation system is one of them. The reservation system has its roots in the Indian caste system. In India, the caste system was meant to divide people based on their birth and occupation. According to the Dharma-shastra in Hinduism, the society was divided into four categories. The ‘Brahmins‘ were at the top of the list, they were superior to the rest, they used to teach and preach, then there was the ‘Kshatriyas‘ who were related to kingship and war, then the next is ‘Vaishyas‘...

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We all are individual beings, we all have dreams, interests & passion about something. But do we really follow them? Or just be with the flow and took the instant opportunity & become an ordinary molecule of the society. Now many would there are family pressure, fear of failure, having experience of failure, expectations & responsibility towards others and many more. But are they really true? Isn’t this true to get something you have to risk something bigger, most of the times your lovable things. The problem people can’t come out of their comfort zone and challenge the situation. That’s the difference between a successful person and an ordinary person. Now often heard this that the people who got successful got a big break at a time and from there they build up to them. People often complain about this break they never get. Is it true? Isn’t that we are not so attentive to find that break. I mean you can’t say that today is not an opportunity. It is. But to grab this opportunity you have to do justice to yourself and present yourself as your true being. Don’t be judgemental, don’t be biased and don’t get attached to something so long. Now let’s think this way you’re standing one side of a river. The river is flowing very fast. On the opposite side of the river,...

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Speak up. Be more assertive. Don’t take things so seriously. Get over your shyness. Come out of your shell. Do any of these comments sound familiar? If so, you may be an introvert. Many introverts have painful memories of being told to change who they are and to act more like their extroverted peers. Such messages may start when introverts are young and continue into adulthood, infiltrating cubicles, offices, and meeting rooms across the country. Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Marissa Mayer are all remarkable leaders – and introverts. Being an introvert is not a bad thing, although we...

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Fifa World Cup- new goal for Indian sports?

Football is an honest game. It is true to life. It is a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life. – Joe Namath   I am a football noob who is trying to fit into conversations at social gatherings. Honestly speaking, I do not know the difference between soccer and football. I cannot connect to the entire Messi vs. Ronaldo debate. Ronaldo is better than Messi or Messi is better than Ronaldo was always the first comment to any post (literally any post) on Facebook. I would often get terrified by the heated and intense...

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