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2018 Commonwealth Games – Sharing the Dream!

  The Commonwealth Games is an international sports event which brings together different countries to compete in various sports, every four years. The countries that are part of the Commonwealth Nations get to send in teams for the sports of their liking and hope to win one of the prestigious medals. The Commonwealth Games Federation is the organization that oversees the Games and presides over any conflict occurring during the games. It is interesting to know that there are almost 71 teams participating every year from over 53 different countries. All the athletes from these countries gather to the...

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#Onesided – Love

What is Love? Love, a word that has many forms, a word that unites two souls, a word that propagate life into a living being and a word that takes our inner vision along a beautiful face of a person someone very special to the soul. What does Love makes us? Love makes us feel jovial from within, makes us happy in our appearance, makes us smarter in our thoughts, makes us polite in our saying, and makes us act like an imprudent in a good way. What makes us fall in Love? Splendid cuteness of the BELOVED makes...

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Bust exam stress with ease!

You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to the maximum. We all feel a sense of growing dread when it’s that time of the exams. Exams are a necessary evil, some argue, while others blatantly say they’re pointless, with conviction. Good or not, exams are a part of every student’s education life. And exams can be stressful! So let me talk about the reasons why exam stress is caused and how to deal with it. Stress is of many types and is an inevitable consequence in life. Exams can cause a lot of stress and anxiety,...

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CBSE Paper Leak – Justice or Unfairness

Every year millions of students appear for CBSE Board Examination. This exam is considered to be the first step towards choosing their career. BUT WHY? 2018 CBSE BOARDS is different than the others. This year from March 05, 2018 exams has started for all 10 and 12 students in all over INDIA. Each student prepares himself for the best and for that they prepare for a very long time. Also, most of the students do not sleep well due to the pressure of exams. They actually give their “blood and sweat” for this exam. Students do extreme preparation. Teachers...

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Experiencing a new language !

IF YOU TALK TO A MAN IN A LANGUAGE THAT HE UNDERSTANDS, THAT GOES TO HIS HEAD. IF YOU TALK TO HIM IN HIS OWN LANGUAGE THAT GOES TO HIS HEART. Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. Learning a foreign language is more than a boost to your CV or handy for travelling. It will make you smarter, more decisive and even better at English. YOU BECOME SMARTER! Speaking a foreign language improves the functionality of your brain. By challenging it to recognise, negotiate meaning, and communicate...

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