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Cryptocurrency – A new asset to invest in

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is not tangible, it is not hard coin it is a computer code, a digital asset.  Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency which was created in the year 2009.The reason for making cryptocurrency is to create a medium of exchange which is free from banking policies or government influence.There are over 900 cryptocurrencies.Bitcoin has the largest market among the cryptocurrency.The other cryptocurrencies are ethereum, ripple, and litecoin to name a few. It is probably over 80 billion dollar market right now.The terms altcoin is used to refer to any alternative of the Bitcoin but these...

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9 Upcoming IPOs investors should look forward in 2017

The first half of 2017 has seen viable IPOs in NSE/BSE.Investors and market traders had a profitable start investing in IPOs like Dmart.After Demonetisation and GST the market reached bullishly.In the second half of 2017, Indian stock exchange is going to see few more IPOs like the first half of 2017. Here is the list of 9 upcoming IPOs investors should look for: HDFC standard life insurance co. Hdfc standard life insurance co was founded in the year 2000. It is a joint venture between Housing Development Finance company (HDFC) and Standard Life. HDFC owns 61.65 percent stake and...

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