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Stock Market Dealers and Fintech Players

A stock exchange is an organized marketplace for the issuing and trading of securities by members of that exchange. Stock exchanges have been around for hundreds of years and can be found in major cities around the world. Now a person or a firm which gets involved in the business of buying and selling securities for their own account, whether through a broker or otherwise are referred to as the dealers of the stock markets. However, the distinguishing factor between a dealer and a trader is that dealer buys and sells securities as a part of his regular business....

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Instead of writing on one particular topic, I want to bring various topics into the light which will enhance viewers knowledge about the happening of in and around the world. People generally don’t see the core information of the news but just swipe the headlines and think they are aware of their surroundings but in depth knowledge and correct information is required. There you go, →BUSINESS STANDARD NRI GOOGLE TECHIE HELD FOR MOLESTING US WOMAN AT  5-STAR New Delhi HOTEL A 22 year old NRI,working as a software engineer for Google on contract basis, has been arrested for allegedly molesting...

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Google Tez- Review, Features, Wallet Payment, UPI

Google Tez: Review The demonetization process was so sudden that it left almost the entire nation in shock. However, it also paved way for the dawn of the electronic money era in India, beginning with PayTm being the leading e-wallet. Then came RuPay, PhonePe, and others. While most used them only until the crisis period lasted, most Indians – at least my friends – continue using these e-wallets. Why? E-wallets make life a lot simpler by reducing the need to have a cold cash for transactions. The reason the e-wallets were preferred over e-banking was the ease of access...

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Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists – Seed Funding

Start-ups are not cake-walks. Ask anyone who’s tried and they’ll tell you. Although movies lead people to believe that it is all about making investors happy, gaining their attention, and trust; there’s more to it than meets the eye. But for any startup, the most important ingredient (so to say), is investor traffic. What this means, is having a steady source of initial capital and/or kind investment/ but if you are planning on bringing an investor on board, what are the roads you can take? The main kind of investment a startup looks for falls into two categories: Angel...

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Cryptocurrency – A new asset to invest in

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is not tangible, it is not hard coin it is a computer code, a digital asset.  Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency which was created in the year 2009.The reason for making cryptocurrency is to create a medium of exchange which is free from banking policies or government influence.There are over 900 cryptocurrencies.Bitcoin has the largest market among the cryptocurrency.The other cryptocurrencies are ethereum, ripple, and litecoin to name a few. It is probably over 80 billion dollar market right now.The terms altcoin is used to refer to any alternative of the Bitcoin but these...

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