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Crafts and Hobbies

Crafts & Hobbies are one of my favourite jobs to do whenever I have spare time and want to do something innovative. This is actually beneficial to spend some time on CREATIVITY. Yes, there is certain importance of following your hobbies like I do by inventing my own crafts. Doing some creativity not only breaks the monotony but also makes a person feel more real. Almost all of us have some different hobbies, passion and talent of creativity. But it is very sad to know that very fewer people are there who actually show their talents. We have the...

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How to tutorials- DIY – Do It Yourself?

How to do it yourself?  Tutorials are the best way to transfer knowledge and can be used as a learning process. Tutorials are a great way of building an audience on your blog. Video tutorials are excellent ways of learning because you can follow the process step by step while hearing the tutor explain it. And it’s quite easy to create if you follow some simple rules.It is a more interactive, attractive and specific than reading books/novels or attending lectures… Not offending books but tutorial is good way to pass on knowledge in so many ways such as – 1...

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Paintings that have secrets – Leonardo da vinci,Michelangelo,Vincent Van Gogh

In times past, when individuals were taboo to express their assessment or convictions openly, or it was viewed as inconsiderate to give your actual sentiments a chance to be known, a work of art or a model was an appropriate medium in which a craftsman could conceal a message. A significant number of these messages were frequently political, moral, or in light of religious moral stories. Be that as it may, some of them had a simply entertaining character – the craftsman’s method for having a ton of fun and leaving his own blemish on the canvas. All through...

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