The dictionary meaning of the word “AVIATION” is the practical aspect or art of aeronautics, being the design, development,  production, operation and use of aircraft, especially heavier than aircraft. The word aviation is coined by French writer and a former naval officer “GABRIEL LA LANDELLE” IN 1863, from the verb Xavier (synonym flying).

AVIATION is not just a course but a platform where an individual does not just study about aircraft but also gets a chance to travel around the WORLD.The Indian Air Force, Indian Air Force is the world’s 4th largest Air Force with primary responsibility for securing Indian airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during conflicts.,_aerospace,_and_aeronautics

FIRST AIRCRAFT on December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made four flights at Kitty Hawk with their first powered aircraft. The Wright brothers had invented the first successful plane.FIRST PLANE INVENTED IN INDIA JRD Tata launches India’s first scheduled airline, Tata airlines, by piloting the first himself from Karachi to Mumbai via Ahmedabad on a single-engine.


  1. Military Aviation- The military aviation is a type of aviation where it is used for military aircraft’s, to supply logistics to Indian forces or army.
  2. Civil Aviation- The civil aviation is one of the two major categories of flying, representing all non-military aviation, both private and commercial. IndiGo, Jet Airways, Air India, SpiceJet and GoAir are the major of their market share.These airlines connect more than  80 cities across India.


Aviation Fields- This degree also trains students in engineering and electronics, teaching students to run, fly, design, manage, and operate aviation systems all over the world. Careers are available in all fields of the aviation sector, including flight planning, support, operation, airport and airline management, government and regulatory oversight, and aviation research and development.


  • Aerospace engineering
  • Air traffic controller
  • Airport management and administration
  • Airport operations
  • Commercial aviation
  • Airport security
  • Flight dispatcher
  • Flight planner and a lot more..

ELIGIBILITY? Candidates who have passed 12th fro any stream (Science, Commerce, Humanities or Arts) could opt in for the course.Though minimum marks criteria exist, it varies from institute to institute, In most of the colleges, it is around 50%.


1 Good Communication skills

2 Excellent interpersonal skills

3 The ability to remain calm in emergencies or while dealing with difficult passengers.

4 Diplomacy and Tact

5 Good colour vision and hearing

Good general health and fitness- many airlines require cabin staff to be able to be able to swim at least 25m.

6 Good Personality and groom

7 Assertiveness ( confident and forceful behaviour )


The role of an air cabin crew member is to provide excellent customer service to passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight. They’re trained to deal with security and emergency situations which may arise and can administer first aid to passengers.

Working as cabin crew for a major airline is an exciting and challenging experience. In addition to jetting off to exotic destinations, the job also requires a high degree of responsibility and specialisation to ensure safety and comfort of passengers in line with industry regulations.


Flight attendants have to deal with everything. Their job is to make sure that our travellers are safe. It means that they have to be prepared a handle a lot of strange, tense, and even sometimes scary situations.

  • “PROVIDING SERIOUS MEDICAL CARE”- Not only flight attendants handle basic first aid, they can deal with more severe issues. For Example- A pregnant woman, an injured person etc.


  • “MANAGING UNRULY PASSENGERS”- Although the average passenger just wants to get from point A to point B without causing any problems, others can’t seem to keep themselves from drinking too much, instigating brawls with others o board, trying to get into restricted zones and so on.


  • “CALMING HYSTERICAL PASSENGERS”- Not surprisingly passengers get pretty anxious and even terrified when they find out about mechanical problems and mid-flight. Of course, it’s up to the flight crew to put on a happy face and calm everyone down.


  • “HELPING LAND THE PLANE”- Copilots are meant to take over if the pilot of an aircraft can’t continue flying for some reason. but it turns out that two people should still land the plane. The crew determines if there are any off-duty pilots on the flight, and if there are, they approach them to lend a hand. When there are not trusty flight attendants are trained to step up and take care of business.


“GENERALLY SAVING THE DAY IN EMERGENCIES”- If you ever imagine that a crash would end up being an everyone for themselves situation, you were wrong. Flight attendants are the Boy Scouts of the skies in that they’re always prepared.For Example-Hijacking.

I MUST SAY that the being a part of aviation industry it’s not an easy job but it is really proud to be a part of it and do a challenging job with huge risks especially the risk of life and serve travellers their best…

” A mile of highway will take you just one mile.., but a mile of runway will take you anywhere”