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Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists – Seed Funding

Start-ups are not cake-walks. Ask anyone who’s tried and they’ll tell you. Although movies lead people to believe that it is all about making investors happy, gaining their attention, and trust; there’s more to it than meets the eye. But for any startup, the most important ingredient (so to say), is investor traffic. What this means, is having a steady source of initial capital and/or kind investment/ but if you are planning on bringing an investor on board, what are the roads you can take? The main kind of investment a startup looks for falls into two categories: Angel...

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How to Write an Article – 7 easy steps

We all remember our school life when we were asked to write articles. And we (generally) hated it. Yet here I am writing an article about how to write one. Before I go with the hows, let me try to convince you to grow your interest in writing articles. One of the best ways to put forth ideas is the pen, backed by the age-old adage, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. but to write an article and to pen one, I believe, are two startlingly different tasks. And, I hope that by the end of this piece,...

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The Dumping Grounds -Rohingya-India Immigration

Immigrants have always been the topic of debate and discourse in almost every developed, and developing country. The recent Rohingya – India immigration has taken the furor to a whole new level. When the Burmese government refused to view a particular ethnic group as citizens of the country, it sounded pretty much like another Asian-Peninsula-Country-crisis. But when the government gave a go-ahead to the massacre of the innocents, who were slaughtered because of their descent, matters aggravated. The following years witnessed the flux of immigrants into neighboring countries drawing attention not only to the ethical implications but also to...

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A Stray Diary Entry

Dear Diary, I wish I could tell her how beautiful she looks. I wish I could let her know how I feel when she stands next to me. When sparks fly out of her eyes as she blinks. How will I ever let her know that she was, is, and always will be the most important part of my life? How will I tell her that I will do anything to keep her happy? Will she ever know that I made decisions, placing her benefits over mine?   Will she ever be loved by someone as much as I...

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BORN IS A SAVIOUR For to us a Child is born, To us, a Son is given… -The Book of Isaiah the Prophet   Part – 1 As the donkey trudged on On whom a woman sat upon; The turbaned figure to and fro went, Seeking for inns till his vigour was spent. A rich carpenter was he, He had lots of money, you see. But no room for him and his bride, Who now felt labour was by her side. They saw a manger near Out of which they could hear, Cooing and mooing and bleating. Was God now them cheating. For, many a month’s awhile, She had received a message with a smile; “Born shall be a Child, Whose doings shall not be mild”. This Baby was singular He would in two millennia be popular, For all He would speak and do And for His holy death too. As the virgin with birth pangs was hit They rushed into the manger to sit. The carpenter readied his hand His forehead sweaty and bland. ‘It’ll be over soon dear’ Voiced the tensed carpenter. He flashed back to the past And got lost at last. Said the angel to him: “Fear not, this is not a dream; It’s a vision on the stead And peace until you’ve heard what I’ve said. “Your wife still does a virgin remain Understand...

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